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  1. Thanks for the reply Don Yea, with the 73 I thought I was done for!:D without taking the window back out. I'll take a look under the dash for access to those two screws from the inside. Thanks! Don, I was sweating it there for a minute thinking it does not want to budge, then gave her a one good solid yank and Bam! she came out as you said, Thanks a bunch!
  2. Thanks for the reply Don Yea, with the 73 I thought I was done for!:D without taking the window back out. I'll take a look under the dash for access to those two screws from the inside. Thanks!
  3. Oops, Does anyone know if I can weezle my A pillar trim pieces in my '73 mach after the dash is installed??? I know the 71-72 pull straight back but my 73 has the clips that need to go forward to get the dash out. I had the front glass out when the dash and pad where being redone and I forgot to give the parts (A pillar trims) to the shop before they re-installed the new front glass. Can I take the new dash pad (foam part) loose and slip them in or am I looking at another window take out/ install just to put the trim in??? Sheesh, Lol! Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Hello People! I've been surfing around this site without properly introducing myself as of yet. I've been building older mustangs (65-66) for a while but this is my first 71-73 Mustang. I've really become attached to my 73' due to the area and the overall size of this beast. I had no Idea How cool these bad boys really are before buying mine. This is a great site full of people and their wisdom making this site a MUST for anyone building these monsters of cool! If your reading this post you surely already know that. I just recently got my 73 back from the body/paint shop (Rick) and yes it's been in his hands since my original post which was what, over a year and a half ago. Not real happy about the length of time he had my car (originally supposed to be in for 5 months) but, when the stang was sanded down and he had me by the shorties after that! the paint is still not by any means perfect but I'm not dwelling on that right now, I'm focusing on the rest of the restoration, getting her back to original Mach 1 condition and color, yellow-ext/white-int. This Mach came from the factory with a standard hood and standard interior, somewhere down the timeline some one added a rear deck spoiler. The original owners did splurged for a Rimblow steering wheel though. I must say I kicked down for second hood, a Ram air hood, well... because there too cool! I'll be posting more picks soon and It's good to be back on board. Thanks to everyone for their great feedback and very helpful information! Cheers! Robert
  5. Welcome Ron, A very fine ride indeed, in any condition, there all cool to me! There are some great resources within this site along with very experienced people wondering the halls, O yeah we like photos.
  6. Welcome from Eugene Oregon!
  7. A silver bullet, looks great! more pics please Lol.
  8. Let me know if you need a hood. I 'll see what I can do for you Don I will Don, Thanks,Robert
  9. Very Interesting!!Your right on, the car came with a 302 and the Marti report is on the way (standard report)so hopefully that will let me know(and I'll post back). I was starting to wig-out on having to get the hood fast but I feel a little more relaxed about it now, I thought the "Regular hood" was some sort of after collision repair fix or something. Going through 1000's of Mach 1 pictures I've only seen one over seas so far. I really love the look of the ram-air hoods though. If true (and you guys are pretty spot on) I'll keep the original hood AND get a ram-air and have them both painted. Thanks for the Fantastic feedback! this IS a great site with great members...
  10. Hello everybody! I just bought a 1973 mach 1 (confirmed by vin.)and the original paint underneath was yellow and was redone many years ago in white.The hood that came on the car has yellow under it also, but it looks like a stock mustang(no intakes) flat hood. My question is that: Did all Mach 1' mustangs off that year have the ram air hoods (functioning or non functioning)???she's going into paint next week and I need to get the hood question figured out, Thanks! :huh:
  11. Very nice job! On the redyed pillar posts what kind do you recommend(did you use) as mine has white also and need to be done.The pics look really good! keep up the great work !
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