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  1. I wasn't looking to cause any problems, just trying to get useful info from people who have given this a shot. I've been on the Cougar sites for a while and not many have done this conversion. In the past, whenever I googled anything about 429 conversions I more often than not ended up being led back to this site. TommyK: thanks for the info, I'll check it out.
  2. I have a rebuilt 429 "N" code from a `70 Torino that I want to install into my 72 Cougar. I also have the C6 out of the same Torino, but it is a column shift trans. I really need some help to figure out what I`d need to change on the C6 to make it a floor shift for my Cougar. Is this at all possible? What do I need for the linkages? Are any of the linkages from the FMX usable? Are any of the linkages available? Do I have to keep the lockout that goes to the steering column? I'm sure most if not all of these questions have been asked a million times before but I could really use the help. Than
  3. No, it's a floor shift. The C6 I have with my 429 is a Column shift. I am going to need some help figuring out what I need to do to make it a floor shift, or whether I'm going to have to replace it. M
  4. Just testing a post with an attachment pic Looks like it worked. Here's one more
  5. I want to upload some pics Butkus computer is really disliking the photo uploaded program this site uses. Sorry "but my computer". Gotta love autocorrect. Where did it get "Butkus" from lol?
  6. I went to start mine today and the petronix ignitor II decided to burn itself out. Made for an interesting smell and for a very short cruise tonight lol. Off to the parts store tomorrow...:s Mike
  7. Hello everyone. Have been checking out these forums for a while and been a fan of '71-'73's for a long long time. I`m coming at things from a bit different angle because right now I have a relatively low mileage, rust free `72 Cougar XR7. I`m really enjoying the car and it`s a model you don`t see many of on the streets. Anyway, I have a mildly modified 351 C with a FMX. Was a 2v, now a 4v. Runs good, but I have a rebuilt 429 N code out of a `70 Torino Cobra with a C6. I know I`m going to need some help with gathering the parts I`ll need and with tech support. Especially confusing to me is swit
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