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  1. Well it has come time for our cars to start celebrating their 50th Birthdays. Mine rolled off the Metuchen NJ assembly line on October 8, 1970.
  2. My wife had this made for a Fathers Day
  3. It's a clip from the movie Killing Them Softly
  4. The bottom seat frame has cracked. You will need to remove the upholstery and weld the frame.
  5. How can I not with my car staring back at me!
  6. I’ve posted this before. Commercial for the local Ford dealership. Second one was for movie theaters.
  7. Yeah, that's what I thought. That's why I had the "professionals" do it. Unfortunately they got it back to me so late in the season I had to put it away for the winter. They said they would take care of me in the spring. We'll see how that goes.
  8. So Don, if the thing is all set up correctly on the bench and the pattern on the gears is good, could a cracked pinion support cause the angle to change under load causing noise? Kligon, Don't you need a press for some parts of the rebuild?
  9. The first set of gears whined starting at about 40 mph. Apply light throttle and you’d start to hear it. It was a constant drone on the interstate but become quieter as you coasted. With the new gears, it had on consistent hum fron dead stop and up and then continuing as you slow down. All bearings and clutches replaced. Axle bearings also replaced. I didn’t see the pattern on the second set of gears since I made them pull and replace after the first time. The first rebuild I installed. It had a good contact pattern. At this point it would not be cost effective to ship it
  10. I bought a used tracloc diff off eBay a couple years ago. Seller claimed it was rebuilt. I installed it and it had a whine above 40mph. This year I decided to pull it and have it checked by a local performance shop. I had them rebuild it again with new gears , bearing , everything.I put back in and it whined even louder. The shop said they worked with their parts supplier and said the gears were incorrectly manufactured. They pulled it again and installed a different brand of gears. All the rebuild specs are dead nuts. Now it makes a different whine. Can the housing be worn out
  11. Definitely a hair dark for grabber green. But I really like that color. I wouldn’t paint it. Don, I think that’s a pic of my car 20 years ago.
  12. Well the verdict is in. The rag joint did seem to fix most of the violent darting across lanes. There is still more wandering than I’d like. The wife works at the Ford dealership so it looks like she’ll bring it in for the alignment guy to give it a once over.
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