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  1. First thing I noticed was the spoiler as well. Mounted way to high on the deck lid. Must be an early VIN with the woodgrain console trim plate?
  2. I'm considering replacing all my dash trim since the chrome edges are peeling or painted silver. Has anyone bought any of the reproduction pieces? I'm looking at both left and right dash pieces, the center gauge trim and the console trim from Ohio Mustang. Just curious about the fit and finish.
  3. Well it has come time for our cars to start celebrating their 50th Birthdays. Mine rolled off the Metuchen NJ assembly line on October 8, 1970.
  4. My wife had this made for a Fathers Day
  5. It's a clip from the movie Killing Them Softly
  6. The bottom seat frame has cracked. You will need to remove the upholstery and weld the frame.
  7. How can I not with my car staring back at me!
  8. I’ve posted this before. Commercial for the local Ford dealership. Second one was for movie theaters.
  9. Yeah, that's what I thought. That's why I had the "professionals" do it. Unfortunately they got it back to me so late in the season I had to put it away for the winter. They said they would take care of me in the spring. We'll see how that goes.
  10. So Don, if the thing is all set up correctly on the bench and the pattern on the gears is good, could a cracked pinion support cause the angle to change under load causing noise? Kligon, Don't you need a press for some parts of the rebuild?
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