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  1. Hi I am trying to clear out my garage of spare parts. These came off my 72 mach 1. I am really just trying to get these parts to someone who will use them. PM me an offer and I can get you a shipping quote. Not looking for top dollar. I can send you more pictures if you need them. Items Available: Air Cleaner (snorkel is gone) 2v Carb Arm Rests Rocker panel molding (both sides) Pedal support Radios (Cannot guarantee functionality) how do you upload pictures
  2. I have just the padding. They were installed for less then a year and received little use during that time. The will also work on a 73. It is the same thing you would get from any vendor: http://www.ohiomustang.com/store/order_page.asp?itemid=401
  3. Your probably right but I am in a generous mood. Should I package it up for you?
  4. I have some parts that were removed or not used on my 72. What I have pictured is all I have. Tell me if you think something isn't priced fairly. 2V Motorcraft carburetor- $40 Standard interior arm rest pair, black. Newish repo- $15 Radio Bezel, cut for modern cd player- $10 SOLD Monte Carlo Bar, new- $15 9" Open differential with 2.75 gears and pinion- $40 Air Cleaner- $50 SOLD Air Duct Rocker panel molding, pair new repo- $60 Lovely tarp and wood block-$500 SOLD 2 pairs or rear folding seat panels. Brown pair is in better shape, still flexible but has some bad s
  5. Welcome to the site. There is a vendor section for businesses such as yourself. I would suggest setting up a vendor account if you are going to have a lot more parts to sell.
  6. Back when I was switching my 72 over from a automatic to manual I purchased a steering/pedal support that had the clutch pedal and correct brake pedal. When I went to install the bracket I noticed it had a different steering column mounting option, so I took the pedals off it and put them on my original bracket, problem solved. I am still curious as to the differences in the two styles. My assumption is that the one I bought came off a tilt steering column, while my original was standard. The uninstalled support originally had a manual transmission setup and I threw my old auto tranny bra
  7. I would prefer an original over the repop version.
  8. Hi I am looking for a 71-72 passenger side front fender extension that is not chromed. I would like to find one that is straight and without dents. The paint doesn't have to be anything special.
  9. I used the summit conversion on mine (http://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-bk1327-99904). It was fairly easy. I did however install it with the rearend out of the car. The only difficult parts where pressing in new studs on the axles and getting the proper length on the parking brake. Now with a proportioning valve in the rear my car stops on a dime. For half the price of most kits I would say I definitely got my moneys worth.
  10. I ordered a 72 351 4v decal and it didn't fit the air cleaner. Is there an air cleaner decal that fits a 72 4v with ram air? If not what are people using in its place?
  11. 1. Can you confirm you are getting 6V to the coil and 12V to the Pertronix? 2. You can always put in original points and see what happens. 3. With points I never had a tach issue regardless of the coil. You just have to be sure you are getting 6 volts at the points and the coil. I believe I was getting the right voltage when I tested it during the initial install. I have a new set of points so I will check the voltage again and test with points on Monday.
  12. I might as well go pick up an Ignitor I and see if that helps. Do you still need the 12v bypass wire with the I1 like the I2?
  13. I don't have a spare on hand. Do you really think that might be the issue? I was wondering if the problem might be with the tach it's self.
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