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  1. My title on the Boss reads 1FO2R instead of 1F02R. I have not had any issues since O and 0 are similar.
  2. Fredericksburg Auto Salvage in Fredericksburg VA
  3. Went for a nice cruise today
  4. Finally! The weather has been so bad, it was nice to have the Mach 1 out all day. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  5. Always liked those. That Sprint package looks so good as a vert.
  6. Nice score! Looks like a solid car.
  7. Wow. Who knew there were so many sets of these lying around? That's cool!
  8. That thing looks rough as a cob. I've seen worse, but as stated above, break out your checkbook. Its going to take a lot of cash to get that thing road worthy.
  9. Vicus,yeah, that looks real nice. I used an internal one and was $hi**ing in my pants the whole time while sliding the springs into place. It is just hanging in my garage now, and if I never use it again that will be too soon.......... Danno, that I had the same experience. The internal spring compressor I used is now in a landfill somewhere. [emoji14]
  10. Frank, thanks for the info, buddy! That looks like a nice tool.
  11. ^^^ Amen to that, PB. I was lucky to have a nice standard wheel from a junkyard back in the day. Who would have thought that a crappy steering wheel would be so coveted? [emoji14] Ray, thanks for the continued posting and research, buddy.
  12. What's your price range? You can find anything if you have deep pockets.
  13. Unless you have upgraded your suspension and steering, and use it as a daily driver, it really doesn't matter. If you did all the upgrades, I would not go with either. There are better tires out there for dailys. I have Coopers on my Boss and BFG on my Mach 1. I like both.
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