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  1. After a lot of "stuff going on in our lives I'm back version 2. Amy's conv. has been inside storage (yeah) finally for about 2 years. We have been Landspeed racing when we can and have started collecting parts to get the car back on the road. Both front fenders, and some convertible parts on their way. currently trying to decide whether to go with full rear quarters or skins...more on that in a different thread. Glad to be back and please be patient with me as the questions will come...
  2. We, my wife Amy and I race standing mile land speed time trials under the East Coast timing Assc. ECTA. She drives, We currently hold 5 records in several classes. Top speed last year was 180.577 in our '91 camaro CD .34. Anyone wanting to run over 135 on "street" tires let me know so as I can get some life insurance on you, not a smart thing to do. The ECTA did run at Maxton, NC but lost the lease and the surface was falling apart. We currently run at the air port in Wilmington, OH. 2miles of like new concrete. They have a class for those who want to just make some runs without trying to break records. It is called Time Only, TO. Registration has just opened for the first race of this year. Butt loads of fun. Look up the ECTA for info. Rules are tight but it's for your safety. BTW .5ish CD is about right.
  3. The "old" floor repair is quite solid and is not getting done this time. Getting the cowl parts soon as well as the replacement quarters. Need a pass side door bad. The drivers side is repairable. We drove the car a lot before I broke the trans and racing took over.
  4. Not raining or cold so time to get on the tang. Got the hockey stick trim off and inspected the gutters. They are in great shape. Tack strips were all whacked up but they going away so no biggy.
  5. I believe this is for a Cougar but it came out of Amys 71. Great shape.
  6. Got the carpet, pad and "sound deadener" out and found the floors to be solid. They should be because I also found that the had been patched in the distant past and sealed with a tar like stuff. The car came from upstate NY when new and from Wisconsin before here in NC. From under the car I couldn't see a seam or screws. :-/
  7. Well it's been another year +. Amy's tang is back in the driveway, The land-speed racing is going on hold for a couple of years while we get the tang back together and build a new race engine for her camaro. Garage is cleaned out ;) and the real mayhem will begin. Got a replacement hood (flat) and used trunk lid from folks here. Progress and questions will be posted on a regular basis. Really need to get this back on the road.......
  8. Unless your running a high compression motor over 10:1 you don't need "high" octane gas. just find the stuff without corn squeezin's in it.
  9. Hp = how fast you hit the wall, TQ = how far you take the wall with you......
  10. Welcome from southeast N.C. Swansboro to exact.
  11. My wifes Sig P220 has the Sig "nite sights" in the standard 3 dot. She likes them, I use the shot gun.... Im good at dry wall repair. She routinely practices low light "drills" to get her to her safe room.
  12. Just how do you see your target in complete darkness??
  13. Welcome from North Carolina, down at the beach...
  14. We consider amy's an air craft carrier as you could land a small plane on the hood :) . I don't really think the general public doesn't "like: 123's. I think they just don't see many of them. Every time we are out in ours it is nothing but thumbs up. "wow I like you car" and what year camaro is that.
  15. So what is the problem with smelling like weld smoke...that the only way my wife can tell if i worked on her race car or not....
  16. That is what Amys looked like 2 years ago. Only it has a 1/4' black pinstripe out lining the recess of the flat hood. It'll look like that again soon.
  17. ::welcome:: from Southeast NC
  18. Don't get me wrong, I like the carbon fiber look to a degree but to me it seems like it's the next "billet" thing. Remember when everthing was billet this and that. Nice for accent pieces and such. Just sayin.
  19. Forgot Alabama - Wife and sister-in-law insisted
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