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    1972 Mach 1 H code, 351 C, 2V, FMX
    1973 Mach 1 H code, 351 C, 4V, C6
    1973 Mach 1 Q code, 351 C, 4V, 4 Speed


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  1. Thanks Hemikiller for the info. I'll try and check tomorrow.
  2. I Just bought a 1973 Mach 1 Q model, I have checked hidden vin"s, and body matches. How do I conform that it's a Q model engine?
  3. I have a 1973 Mach 1 "Q" model that i just bought. I'm looking for forward wiring harness that can be savaged. I saw on one of your post to a fellow member that you have a 1973 mach 1 coming in. If the harness is in decent shape will you sale? Thx's Jerry
  4. I need a 71-73 passenger fender front splash shield.
  5. You mentioned the 2 Phillips screws, where are they located? I removed dash pad from my 72 Mach 1 there were 2 screws by the center gauge cluster. Are these the one's your talking about. My 72 is a little strange in that the interior trim code (GW) is for a 73 Mach 1. This is from warranty sticker on drivers door. It was build in July 1972. had 5 miles when I drove off lot. Any info is deeply appreciated. Jerry
  6. Thanks for all the info. I have a 1972 Mach 1 that I bought new. I'm working on restore. I didn't know that the 1973 didn't have lower turning signal lights like my 72. Thanks for all the info. With the things I could see from distance, I'm going in very carefully.
  7. I am looking at a 1972 or 1973 Mach 1. The grill running lites are horizontal not vertical. The owner said it’s a 1973. Did any 1973 Mach 1’s come with horizontal lights? If everything goes right I will go see up close Tuesday. They are send full vin # Monday.
  8. Thanks for all the info, I got it out, working on the rest of the interior now.
  9. I'm trying to remove my center console in my 1972 Mach 1. I have everything loose, including center gauge panel. I've removed dash cover. It is hanging up on the temp control panel, I can't get it to lift high enough to clear. The clock is still installed, does it have to be removed first? If so how do I remove it. Thx for any help. Jerry jhester7.satx@gmail.com
  10. 1972 H MACH 1, 351 C 2V FMX 1973 H MACH 1, 351 C 4V C6
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