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  1. Thank You Midlife, I found a link to the thread but having trouble getting past the 404 error. I'll try a different route. Thanks again sir. Bru
  2. One of our members did a great write up on how to retrofit the passenger sport mirror into a remote one. Could someone please point this old fart in the right direction? I have run out of search parameters to try. Bru
  3. Thought someone might need these. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/pts/d/san-mateo-mustang-convertible-rear/7258604270.html
  4. I would have loved to run across a parts car like this when I started my restoration. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/pts/d/woodland-1972-mustang-parts-project/7258183092.html
  5. Hello and Welcome to the site from California. Bru
  6. I have a restomode and went with Classic Air. Have been very happy with it. https://www.classicautoair.com/shop/1972-ford-mustang-air-conditioning-system/ Bru
  7. Hello neighbor ! I too have a TCP setup front and rear. I'm in the Auburn area, between Sac and Tahoe. Hope to see you and your car sometime. Bru
  8. Hello and Welcome from Cali. It's nice to have another west coast member. Bru
  9. Hello and Welcome from Cali. Bru
  10. Hello JasonE, No clocks left. Please read previous post about shipping cost for grill... I have the same problem with the valance. I do know that GrayHound ships cheaper, but the closest depot is 90 miles round trip from where the parts are. Bru
  11. Hi 3k73, The poverty caps are $40 for all four + shipping. The grill cost way too much to ship anywhere. I got an estimate to ship it to the east coast and it was like $150 ! They don't go by the actual weight. They go by dimensional weight. LxWxH \136 You can buy a re-pop for $165 with no damage. Bru
  12. Hello and Welcome from Cali. Great looking ride. Bru
  13. When you get a complete set (Which I might have) I would suggest having it chromed. I did this to mine and have been very pleased with not having to mess with the iodized aluminum. Bottom line, I'm lazy. I spray the whole car with 'Protect All' and use microfiber towels to wipe and buff with. You are doing a restomod so it don't matter. Just my take on it. Bru
  14. That really sucks! Condolences to you and your car. Bru
  15. Gretnamach1 Please turn on your PM
  16. I did post the pic of the damage on the grill. It's missing one or two honey combs just below and left of the hood opening slot. I think the little horsey is worth $15 and the grill $10 +shipping.
  17. Sorry, they are sold. Don at Ohio Mustang has them on his website tho.
  18. It ain't purdy but I think it is all there. How bout I charge you the price of a shot of Crown Royal & a Havana cigar? $20 bucks +shipping ought to do it. I don't do estimates on shipping. I'm at 95648 Golfing today... gotta go :)
  19. I do not think so. There's a difference in 71-72 vs 73 because of the location of the seatback release, but without a back, that's moot. And the seat tracks have the back-forward seat release, so I'm 99% sure "no". Thanks! ::thumb::
  20. I'm interested in: 1) one solid driver's side seat bottom. Will take the whole seat if necessary; condition of upholstery doesn't matter. 2) one of the console portions with the clock IF any of them are not separating from the base where the textured part is furthest from the clock (if that makes any sense)........ Yes it does ..... I'll send close up pic's of both in the next few days. Q: If the backs and the tracks are off the seat bottoms, is there a difference between drivers and passengers seats?
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