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  1. Hello and Welcome from a fellow subject of the Peoples Republic of California. This a good site to ask your questions .
  2. Hello and Welcome from the Peoples Republic of California.
  3. I'm in need of the bracket that is welded to the trunk floor in which the J hook for the full size spare tire goes thru. I already checked with OMS and several other stores with no luck. My '72 vert is a restomod so I don't have to have one that is date correct. (if there is one) If I can't find one, I'll fab one up. Bru
  4. Welcome from the Peoples Republic of California. Your gonna really like this site.
  5. Last year I saw a '72 vert owned by one of the Sacramento Kings... Sorry, don't remember which one. He had his seat moved way back and it didn't look bad at all. Just a thought
  6. Welcome to the site from the Peoples Republic of California. Bru
  7. Welcome to the site from the Peoples Republic of California. Bru
  8. My great aunt was from " West by GOD Virginia" Welcome from the Peoples Republic of California. Bru
  9. I too would like a pistol... I currently have 3 pistols and 2 rifles.
  10. We are breaking a record today... 79F. Good day for the top to be down and a round of golf.
  11. I found this on "gearhead.com": cobravenom71 04-21-2008, 05:06 PM With all the hoopla surrounding the supposed recently-unearthed 'only' 71 BOSS 302 ever made, there have been lots of other big-'Stang articles floating around out there. (Everyone seems to forget that Ford of Canada bulit a few regular-production 71 BOSS 302s in late 1970) One in particular states that (and has pictures of) Ford applied "351 HO MUSTANG" decals on the fenders of cars that were ordered with the 'R' code 351 HO engine. This apparently was only on base-model coupes and fastbacks...not Mach 1s or convertibles. The picture shows a yellow coupe with Mach 1 style lower black paint, and the decals are in the exact style of the 'BOSS 351' decals from 1971, only they say '351 HO', with the word MUSTANG underneath them, again just like the BOSS 351 decals from '71. I have seen many, mnay wierd and rare Mustangs over the years, but never have I seen one of these cars. Is this for real? Has anyone else ever seen one of these?
  12. I too enjoy the music of our by-gone days. Bru
  13. I don't envy you trying to get around while it is going on. It's pretty bad driving around in Sand Hosey at anytime. Bru
  14. Please put me down for a pair. I've already been screwed by Mike for $500. What's a few more hundred bucks ? Bru
  15. Back in 73 or 74 when I first registered my stang in Calif. they required that it had NOX system installed. It looked like a coil with one wire , attached to the + side of the coil and two vacuum tubes coming out of it. One went to the carb and the other to the distributor. It retarded the vacuum advance. I belive the next year someone sued the state for making them go buy something that didn't come with their new car and won. That was that. Bru
  16. Welcome Ozzie, from the Peoples Republic of California. Lots of good info to be had here. Bru
  17. Bru


    Welcome from the Peoples Republic of California
  18. Welcome from the Peoples Republic of California! I go thru Henderson several times a year on my way to Bullhead or Cottonwood Cove for a couple of annual motorcycle campouts. Also have a very good friend that lives off of Nellis bvd. behind Sams Town. Maybe a meetup at a car show would be in our future? Bru
  19. Pssssst.... will e The reason the emogenes don't work is cause the Krone ain't what it used to be. But don't tell Lars, he still thinks they work.... ;-)
  20. Lars, I too would like to wish all of you a very happy and productive New Year... Bru
  21. Cool setup. The front end and grill of the "Racing Champions" car out of the box reminds me of a AMC Javelin.
  22. Bru


    Welcome from the Peoples Republic of California!
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