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  1. Hello and Welcome aboard from California . Bru
  2. Hey Vinnie, I got room in my carryon if you find one. Still got 10 days before I leave. There is one on epay for $32 w/free shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mustang-Horn-High-Original-Style-With-Bracket-RH-1967-1968-1971-1973/382423938337?hash=item590a3e3521:g:cbsAAOSwa~BYWC9G&vxp=mtr If you like, I will order it and we can settle up over a whisky? Bru
  3. I had planned and paid for being at KAN this year with a side trip to the track to look you up to kick tires and tell some lies but life got in the way. They were kind enuff to give me a full refund. I am preregistered for the 'Auto Expo' in Fortuna. July 27-29. It's small but getting bigger, not sure if that be good or bad. Bru
  4. Hello and Welcome from 'The People's Republic of California'. Great story and good luck with the rebuild. Bru
  5. UPDATE: I ordered 11" Wilwood caliper brackets ( I have 12") and a 15x7 steel rim (I have 15x8) from Summit to test fit. No workie. I put the boxed rim and brackets on the back of my m/c and drove the 100 miles up to Reno to return them. I found out that they don't stock crap-o-la ! They had a whole wall with mounted rims and narly a one in stock for me to test. I'm looking to see if a Magnum 500 15x7 with a backspacing of +/= 4.5" Or a 17x7 steel rim with same bs. Bentworker: The templet idea is a good one. I can send one out to any who send me their address. I'm posting pics w/measurements if anyone would like to make one to try on rims they may have. I'm at a loss right now as to what works and what doesn't Q; What is the difference between ford 5 / 4.5 truck rims and ford car rims? Will an F150 5 lug fit the cars? Thank You, Bru
  6. Hello and Welcome from upstate Cali. Ya got some work to do on your rig but it will be worth it in the end. Bru
  7. I Like. Just printed some up to have with me at the car shows I attend. Bru
  8. Hello and Welcome from California. My sons senior project was a Q code Mach1 that we worked on for almost a year. Good times. Bru
  9. I would appreciate it.
  10. In need of a working horn set... High & Low Bru
  11. And all this time I thought using my wet finger was the proper way to test it! Ya learn something new all the time. :poke:
  12. Hello and Welcome from Cali. Nice ride!
  13. #1dadsmach, What part of Cali do you live? Go to Fun Stuff at top of this page and pin your location in the Members Map.
  14. Mjordan, I installed the Chris Alston (TCP) system front and 4 link system rear. After running new stock suspension on a short trip,(1300 miles) I decided to go with a newer setup. I like cornering... a lot! Did I mention that my "old" suspension was for sale ? ;-)
  15. Hello and welcome from the Peoples Republic of California. You have hit on THE site for informatioin our mustangs.
  16. What size / diameter are your disc? I'm hoping they are 12.
  17. I have the WIL-140-13477 kit. This kit has 11.3" rotors. I have the regular solid discs. http://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitsProdFront.aspx?itemno=140-13477-DR I have the 11074D I talked to Willwood about dropping down to a 11" disc since the same calipers are used with different mounting hardware. They had no comment but according to there size chart I would get about 1/4" more clearance . Still not enuff if I want to get ride of the spacers.
  18. I have the mustang kit and I did try to grind a bit off for fit. It's just way too much to take off and they will only fit with the spacers. I had to stop my "make it work" train of thought and re think on how to make it right.
  19. -Backspacing is not the problem, in fact I believe the problem would be worse with the added backspacing. -Good suggestion about going to a junkyard and picking one up. I'll do that this week. Thanks
  20. Bentworker, Thanks for the offer but I think you are a bit far north. You aren't pinned on the members map, but I believe you are up in Redding. I was hoping the 15 x 8 Magnum's would fit. At least I could use my tires. The way it stands, I'm out 5 painted rims, 4 chromed poverty caps and 5 brand new tires. Ain't life grand? :bouncy:
  21. Hello and Welcome from California. That is a good looking ride
  22. Hello All, I just installed a Wilwood brake system w/12" disc. and my vintique 54 series 15x8 steel wheels with 4" back spacing are hitting my calipers right at the first hump. Even with a spacer. A= 1/16 B= 6 7/8 C= 2 3/8 D= 2 15/16 E= 4 1/2 I have talked to tech support at Vintique and at Wilwood with not much feed back from them. My question to the forum is: Will Magnum 500 mags work with my brakes? Will going from 15" to 17" help me? Not having different wheels to try and just going by approximation / guessing is driving me nuts. (short trip for me) Thank you , Bru
  23. I had the rims painted to match and had the poverty caps chromed . 235/60 15x8
  24. I'm right there with you on this one. First thing I did after getting my car back after paint was take my key and reached under the fender well lip and put the first scratch in her.... Done deal. My condolences on your ride, I feel your pain. My late wife modified mine back in the '80s with a railroad crossing light pole. Bru
  25. Bru


    Hello and welcome from California.
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