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  1. Don't know what happened to the pic's. They were on the post when I posted it... anywho, I can send pics if needed.
  2. Hello All, I'm selling all of my new suspension off my '72 restomod ragtop. I've gotten old somewhere along the way and just don't like the handling of stock suspension. So only after 1,300 miles on the stock setup, I went and bought a complete TCP system, front and rear 4 bar. These parts are like new. $1,000 plus shipping takes everything in the picture. Scott Drake upper and lower CA KYB Gas-A-Just and Excel-G shocks leaf and coil springs with rockers struts, stabilizer bars .... ect... Bru
  3. I too would like to thank you for all your efforts. They are very appreciated. Bru
  4. Hello and welcome from the 'Peoples Republic of California' Bru
  5. It's a triple ply axle buffer from a 1947 Hudson Hornet.
  6. Those karts are awesome and look like hella fun. I'd get in one for a go-round in a heart beat but am quit sure I'd be in traction for a week afterwards. ;-) Bringing up the foot pegs on my motorcycle in a sharp curve still gets the ol' ticker going. Life is short so do what putts a smile on yer face. And ain't nothing better than doing it with your family. Thank you again for taking on this project and updating our stangs. Bru
  7. I don't want to be that " pushy " guy , but It's been a couple a months. Any updates ??
  8. ;-) I wonder if the air freshener only works with the air on? or top down?
  9. You can't go wrong with OMS. Don will be upfront and honest with you. An Honorable man.
  10. Very cool ! The car color really pops out... looks great.
  11. +1 On the heads up. Appreciated
  12. I didn't like all that space between the tire and wheel well with the 235x6015s in the back, so I went with the 255x7015s in the rear. I am changing my suspension to TCP so I will be changing my tires again for better road handling. Guess I'll be forced to burn these up first. ;-) Oh darn !!
  13. I for one thank you for taking on this project and giving us another option for our rigs. Please put me down for a set. Bru
  14. Hello and Welcome neighbor. Looks like you have some work to do. Bru
  15. Hello and Welcome from NorCal. Great looking car! Bru
  16. My stock rims were 14". I put on vintique's 15x8. When it comes to rubbing, I think it depends on your rides suspension. The dog dish caps are off of a van which are a little bit taller than the cars. And yes, they have been chromed because I be lazy and they take less upkeep. Hope this helps. Bru
  17. I got the stang put back together and was in Redding Thursday afternoon. Great show and the cruz was one of the best I've been to outside of Hot August Nites.
  18. Just a thought, but masking them off and using some rubbing compound with a drummel or a small drill pad might work. Bru
  19. I have my intake off right now fixing a gasket leak. I'm still going even if the stang doesn't. Going to have a good time either way. Bru
  20. Bru


    Hello and Welcome from California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. Bru
  21. Hello and Welcome from the Peoples Republic of California! Good looking car. Bru
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