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  1. This pic always amazes me. (It don't take much) Bru
  2. Bru

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    Greeting and welcome from the Peoples Republic of California.
  3. I too wish all on the eastern seaboard who are in harms way a safe passage thru this storm. Good thoughts to all. Bru
  4. So what was the out come of your install? I have been thinking about doing a TCP kit but am a bit leary after the troubles you have had. Do you give a thumbs up? or thumbs down? on product and customer srvc. Bru
  5. I agree, but I'm kinda partial. And, it's likely the only Lucas equipped vintage vehicle on the plant that may have all 4 (?) original fuses in place. No kidding. :) Weren't 3 of those fuses spares? ;-) The "Prince of Darkness" lived in my 750 Norton Commando. I think I pushed that bike more than I rode it. Bru
  6. I found this '69 while looking for parts today. A bit out of my price range at $79,500. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/5794737479.html Bru
  7. They re-posted with a different price ?? http://santabarbara.craigslist.org/cto/5792534754.html
  8. Bru


    Hello and Welcome neighbor! Im in Lincoln, just north of you Bru
  9. I was watching a FamtomWorks show bout a 1956 baby bird and noticed a yellow vert 7123 up on the rack..... then a commercial for Hyper Lube came on with a 7123 vert burning rubber.... Life is GOOD!!! http://blog.hyperlube.com/uncategorized/hy-per-lube-commercial/ Bru
  10. I like the look of our stock gauges and don't want to replace them with after market ones. I have purchased a tach and amp/volt gauge from Rocketman with the stock faces. But I'm still at the mercy of 45yo oil & temp gauges. With this or another similar unit I would feel better about taking long trips and not worrying about how my engine is doing. This is why I'm trying to get some feed back before pulling the trigger and buying it. (late at night... a couple of Crown Royals...good Cuban cigar...it happens) Bru
  11. I forgot to mention that CJ PP sells enginestat and has a YouTube vid.
  12. Has anyone bought or heard of this product? http://enginestat.com/ It would be a great tuneup aid and backup to stock gauges on a road trip. Any feed back will be appreciated. Bru
  13. Found this today on CL. It's close so If anyone is interested I can go check it out for you. Bru http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/5770703831.html
  14. Hello and Welcome from California
  15. I just got off the phone with Greg... what a nice guy to talk to. He has actually given away a trailer load of parts to a local high school kid who is building up a '71 fastback. Greg no longer has his '71 vert.... it's in Amsterdam. He still has some gauges that he is sending pictures of.. which I will post as soon as I get them.
  16. I'm in the area,(45 miles away) and am offering to put eyes /camera/ on parts if anyone needs it. Bru
  17. I would love to have rack & pinion. Wouldn't cutting out the front cross member on a vert take away body integrity? The TCP unit doesn't look beefy enough to replace it. Any feed back about this will be appreciated as I surly am looking at getting this done. I'm already sold on getting the TCP coil overs for the rearend. Bru
  18. I agree with CMM about getting "Used Parts" sent to you out of country folk. I send a Canuck friend of mine all sorts of "used" motorcycle stuff. Bru
  19. I have been many times.... and remember some of them. ;-) Great cars from all over and everyone in a good mood. Now days I just go up for the swap meet on Thursday and Friday. Reno is only a two hour ride so it's a day trip and easy parking with the motorcycle. Have fun and be safe. Bru
  20. I purchased a Plug-n-Chug and am happy with it. I just pull it out when at a car show and get to keep my stock console look. Bru http://www.mustangcountryintl.com/ShowItem/103681%201971%20-%201973%20Mustang%20Plug-N-Chug%20Holder%20%20Black.aspx
  21. Hello Zak and welcome from Cali. What an awesome first car to have! Bru
  22. Wishing you all good luck with this investment Manu. I hope it turns out to be what you want. A good upgrade would be to replace the passenger seat with one from a old station wagon. They reclined all the way to make a better one person bed for your new home. ;-) Bru
  23. Welcome from the Peoples Republic of California. The wife and I will be leaving next week for a month long motorcycle trip and will be spending a few days in Bee Springs. Maybe we could meet up for a cup of Joe and talk cars. Just a thought. Bru
  24. Would it be possible to use some kind of liquid rubber to press on the undamaged areas of the panel and thus creating a textured press pad to recreate the pattern on the damaged area? Bru
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