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  1. Hydraulic lifters? Put piston at TDC and torque down both rockers for that cylinder. Repeat 7 more times
  2. Rear frame rails available but only with torque box. Pricey but available. Front you can get inner and outer front patch panels or the full frame with tower and aprons. Also pricey
  3. NPD in Ocala has them in stock an hour and a half from you. $371.00 in stock...
  4. Welcome from central Florida, flares looking good.
  5. Blue covers plus yellowish incandescent bulbs equals green. Does anyone have yellow LED's? I have a set of the blue covers that I'm not using if interested, they are in suprsingly nice condition. I went with red led's and white gauge faces.
  6. My 73 Qcode has cut outs, they are oem as far as i can tell. The car sat from 1984 till I bought it and was practically rusted to the lower quarters. Not enough exhaust left to tell if straight or turned down. Just sayin
  7. Minor progress, fitted and prepped firewall and front torque boxes. Welded in firewall and fitting cowl.
  8. lollerz Saw this for sale on Facebook $8000
  9. We do exist http://www.motortrend.com/cars/ford/mustang/2019/11-coolest-best-ford-mustang
  10. Measured mine and it's 20.5 inches and it looks like the top was pushed down in the middle when they welded it together. From the aprons the top appears to be angled down not up like the pic Stanglover posted. I think top needs pushed up by drilling out spot welds across top.
  11. I thought I screwed mine up as it's the same, too short for the latch. Might just drill out the new spot welds and find one thats right. The apron on the passenger side doesn't fit right either...
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