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  1. Hydraulic lifters? Put piston at TDC and torque down both rockers for that cylinder. Repeat 7 more times
  2. Rear frame rails available but only with torque box. Pricey but available. Front you can get inner and outer front patch panels or the full frame with tower and aprons. Also pricey
  3. NPD in Ocala has them in stock an hour and a half from you. $371.00 in stock...
  4. Welcome from central Florida, flares looking good.
  5. Blue covers plus yellowish incandescent bulbs equals green. Does anyone have yellow LED's? I have a set of the blue covers that I'm not using if interested, they are in suprsingly nice condition. I went with red led's and white gauge faces.
  6. My 73 Qcode has cut outs, they are oem as far as i can tell. The car sat from 1984 till I bought it and was practically rusted to the lower quarters. Not enough exhaust left to tell if straight or turned down. Just sayin
  7. Minor progress, fitted and prepped firewall and front torque boxes. Welded in firewall and fitting cowl.
  8. lollerz Saw this for sale on Facebook $8000
  9. We do exist http://www.motortrend.com/cars/ford/mustang/2019/11-coolest-best-ford-mustang
  10. Measured mine and it's 20.5 inches and it looks like the top was pushed down in the middle when they welded it together. From the aprons the top appears to be angled down not up like the pic Stanglover posted. I think top needs pushed up by drilling out spot welds across top.
  11. I thought I screwed mine up as it's the same, too short for the latch. Might just drill out the new spot welds and find one thats right. The apron on the passenger side doesn't fit right either...
  12. yours is messed up pretty bad you will also need a filler panel that screws to the taillight panel.That part is not reproduced so a used one is the only option.
  13. Welcome from sunny Ocala, Florida Looks like a great starting point.
  14. Finished wiring new controller and viola works like a champ. Yellow plug is just a dummy to keep dummys from plugging wrong wires in. The white on is probably just a jumper. Now back to work on car and paint projects.
  15. May have it figured out, found two YouTube videos and they both show the plugs white plug has two metal contacts. Yellow plug is all yellow plastic no metal visable. So it looks like the yellow 220 plug is just a blank. Going to try it without the plug Saturday and let everyone know what happens. Thanks
  16. Been there, that's where I figured out how to wire the motor. What I Don't have is the voltage select jumper (yellow jumper plug). There is nothing on the internet that tells how the jumper works. Is it a straight jumper, a resistor, a diode or an open plug. I get a few clues like hook 220 up with white jumper will let the smoke out and 110 with yellow jumper may run but slow . :shootself:
  17. This is what I need info on. There has to be someone on here that knows what I need and could just meter one. Could be a plain old jumper, a diode or a resistor. Without this jumper motor won't run? Help please :angel:
  18. I built a dust filter for the garage using an old ac blower given to me by my brother in law. It was a pain to get working as it was 220v and a Genteq X-13 motor. It ran for a while but quit one day and diagnosed the ECM controller went bad. I have since purchased a Genteq IM on Ebay and unfortunately the yellow voltage select jumper was missing. This is a new replacement ecm but didn't come with the wiring or either jumper. I need to find out what the jumper actually does, is it a resistor or maybe a diode. HVAC forums were useless and the supply houses won't break out one from a new motor. I anyone has one the can you meter it and let me know what it is or if you have a spare I could buy I would be very appreciative. Thanks Everyone Rick :thankyouyellow:ttt
  19. Went to the range with friends from work. Everyone shoots theirs and everyone else's iron.:banana: Baptized my new home built AR15, zeroed with one click of right. Picked off a golf ball on top of a soda can at 100yds. Soda can still standing till the next shot. Let everybody shoot my M-1 carbine, AR and my MP9. Got to shoot three different AK's Two Mosin Nagants , a CZ-75 a Weatherby, a 300blackout AR and finally a M-1 Garand. Got home and spent three hours cleaning guns. :bravo:
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