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  1. Thank you for this explanation. While digging around in there and found this…the yellow plug I have inserted powers those latch release motors you mentioned….I didn’t even know I had them! What a cool feature. The other yellow plug doesn’t seem to do anything at all?? The one that is plugged in however, will power those latch releases no matter which of those 3 sockets it’s plugged into. The drivers side one kinda hangs up though, and doesn’t fully release that lever, I’m guessing that’s why someone unplugged it previously. Do you think my courtesy lights just have a weak connection in the wiring of the gray plug? You can see in this video, it kinda works but only if you find the “sweet spot”. IMG_7885.MOV
  2. My drivers side courtesy light switch has been broken for years, and I figured it should be a pretty simple fix to attempt. The actual switch is broken, the button will not pop out when the door is open, it stays permanently in the closed position. I ordered new switches and they physically work great, but electrically something is wrong and I have no idea where to begin to fix it. I tried installing the new drivers side courtesy light switch tonight to no avail…it is my understanding that the drivers side switch should have a 2 prong plug, and the passengers side should have a 3 prong plug…I seem to have 3 prongs on both of my plugs, and they appear to work intermittently depending on how you hold the wiring. Is this a grounding issue? Did someone incorrectly rewire this car at some point? My drivers side switch has 3 wires going to it, while my passengers side has 5. Now I’m no electrician, and I don’t really know how to read an electrical diagram. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be going on here? IMG_7881.MOV
  3. I have seen several posts on here where people are refencing their Shop Manuals for torque specs, wiring diagrams, etc. Where did you all get yours? I have seen several different versions of these on eBay and from other retailers online, some are digital and some are physical books, some appear to actually be from Ford, and others appear to be some type of reproduction. And of course, there are always the Chilton/Haynes manuals. I am looking at getting a set of these, but I don't want to waste good money on crappy manuals.
  4. Oh, so your talking about those other amber lights below the headlights then. I've never noticed those before, I have a 71/72 grill on my 73...I wonder if I could put those on, they look cool!
  5. After reading this thread, I'm still a little confused...when we say "Sport Lamps" are we talking about running lights/parking lights? As in, the two amber lamps next to the headlights? Mine come on at the first position of the headlight switch, and they just look cool.
  6. We've been loosing a lot of these classic rock icons lately, sad stuff indeed. Most new music is complete garbage.
  7. Another dusty bogan for the site! Nice car, and welcome from Minnesota!
  8. This just so happened to arrive in the mailbox today….Looks like my car has a twin somewhere out there! I hope it’s still out there galloping!
  9. I have the Eminger report from Marti as well…
  10. Awesome story! I always wonder about the RHD’s. Did Ford make them that way for exports, or do people in the Old Empire convert them?
  11. Welcome from Minnesota!
  12. It’s got a C6 actually, that image is pretty grainy. I’ll upload a better one later today.
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