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  1. Awesome idea, can’t wait to hear the details! Subscribed to this thread!
  2. Just wondering if anyone here has all three years of the big ponies? Would be cool to see a picture of a '71 '72 and '73 all together. I have never seen a 3 together at once, and even a quick Google search left me disappointed! To this day I still struggle to see the differences in the fenders that people talk about, aside from the gas cap on '71's and the different grills/stripes on '73's...I cant tell a lot of the time.
  3. Welcome from Minnesota! Pics please! :)
  4. Welcome from Minnesota, lets see some pics!!
  5. Welcome from Minnesota!
  6. Welcome from Minnesota from another '73 Q code owner who hopes to have his on the road again after many years too!! Congrats!! Pictures please!
  7. Went to the Street Machine Summer Nationals in St. Paul today and after walking around all day, I found 4 of our big horses at the show That lady was driving by pretty quick in that vert, had to shoot on the fly!
  8. Welcome from Minnesota! We definitely need a couple pics of all those Mustangs!!
  9. Here’s a pic of that 23 year old kid I used to be with his new toy, and a couple others of it in the driveway at the old house right after I brought it home.
  10. Fabrice, thank you for continually posting such informative and well photographed posts! I plan on using your posts for a guide in much of my future work! Great job! Keep them coming!
  11. Deservedly so!! Beautiful car, congrats!
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