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  1. Ok, here's a video of my carb dumping gas in the motor, does it look like its dumping gas appropriately? my friend says this is way to much gas going in and it should be like a fine mist or vapor going down the intake. oh, and this is the primaries, not secondaries. I cant keep the car running under about 2500 rpm. and yes I have a terrible sounding exhaust leak!
  2. Ok guys, so I (with the help I a more knowledgeable friend) solved my spark issue and actually had my mustang running for the first time in over a year today! Long story short, the coil wasn't grounding properly which was causing me to lose spark. However, I now have a carb issue and would love to hear your thoughts. It is a Holley carb list number 6919 which I think (according to the Internet) is a "4160 600cfm" carb. (Don't really know what that means) I did a rebuild kit on this carb awhile ago and thought I did everything right but I must have screwed something up. Things run fine when you are giving it some gas but, when I try to turn the idle down to a normal rpm it dies everytime. And my friend showed me with a flashlight that fuel seems to be pouring into the secondaries. He told me that when you look in the carb while its running the gas should look like a fine mist or vapor going into the motor, the gas in mine looked more like big ass droplets spraying in. He thought that maybe something could be clogging up the needle and seats and that I should take it apart and look everything over. I had a few leftover parts in the rebuild kit when I was done, is that normal? Some of the parts included in my rebuild kit didn't even look like they belonged anywhere in my carb. So I obviously didn't put them in. I have never done a carb rebuild kit before, but I took my time and took a lot of pictures and I am fairly confident that I put it all back together correctly.
  3. I had it running for the first time in over a year today! Short lived euphoria though, as I solved my spark issue (obviously) only to discover that I have a carb issue now!! Woohoo!! More on that in a different post....
  4. Nice story, and welcome from Minnesota!
  5. Ha! You must be from here, or have spent some time here! :D
  6. Hello from Minnesota, beautiful car!! Puts mine to shame!
  7. Here are the pics I promised, she's a bit dusty and I can't get her started to pull out in the driveway for a nicer pic. I'll put up better pics after it's running again and I get her all shined up. A little rough around the edges, but she looks good going down the road!
  8. Nice, Mustangs always look cooler with carseats in the back don't they?;)
  9. Hi everyone! My name is Jason and I have had my 1973 Blue Glow Q-code Mach 1 for about 10 years now. I bought it from a guy in a small town in Minnesota, and it has seen a LOT of garage time. (I have 5, yes 5 kids!) I don't really have any big plans for the car, other than to start driving it more now that the kids are getting bigger. the motor was mildly built by the previous owner, I believe it is bored .030, has a bigger cam (not sure the lift or duration) headers, Edelbrock intake, Holley carb the usual stuff. I need to track down the old owner and try to get some more info from him, I was just a wide eyed kid when I bought it, it was loud, fast, and I had the cash...you know, don't ask questions, just get the keys! haha. I'll try to get some pics of it up this weekend, the body is pretty decent and the paint looks pretty good. All-in-all it's a "20 footer", I'm actually having a hell of a time getting it running right now with a spark issue, but I'll scope out the forum and see if I can find and answer first before I ask dumb questions. Oh, and by no means am I a mechanic! I would describe my automotive knowledge as knowing just enough to get myself in trouble. So please keep that in mind if I say something dumb! Cool website here, and I'm looking forward to interacting with everyone!
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