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  1. I have the Eminger report from Marti as well…
  2. Awesome story! I always wonder about the RHD’s. Did Ford make them that way for exports, or do people in the Old Empire convert them?
  3. Welcome from Minnesota!
  4. It’s got a C6 actually, that image is pretty grainy. I’ll upload a better one later today.
  5. Just ordered one of each, looking forward to representing this site while I’m out and about with Sleipnir!
  6. Thanks everybody! I ordered the springs, shocks and hardware from Eaton. Should be here in a couple weeks, and I think I am going to throw the sway bar in there too, I’m not going to be driving it real hard anytime soon and I plan on updating the front suspension this winter. Including the front sway bar with those upgrades.
  7. Yup, I decided to go with the +2 springs, and if I wasn’t already a married man…I’d want to know if your wife has any sisters! 😀
  8. Ok, maybe I should wait to do the bar upgrades as Hemikiller suggested then. At least until I am ready to do the front suspension, then I can do the sway bars as a set front and rear.
  9. On the Addco website there is a .875 bar for $213.57 and there is a .75 for $145.00 which one did you order? You don't think I should just go for it now since I'm going to be crawling all over down there anyway?
  10. My front suspension is still stock, maybe I'll tackle that job this winter...for now I want to get this rear suspension in order so I can get back on the road. Thanks for the info everyone!
  11. Wow your undercarriage is incredibly clean!! I didn't see sway bars on the Eaton website, where did you get yours from? I might as well order that too since I'm going to be working back there.
  12. So would it be better to get the stock height springs and add the longer shackle, or get the +1 or +2 springs? It does have staggered shocks, the drivers side goes behind the axle and the passenger side goes in front of the axle. Where is the sway bar? Is it visible in any of those picture I uploaded? I'm guessing it is that bar that crosses in front of the shock in this pic...
  13. I will give them a call then and see what they have to say, my son has been watching youtube videos on spring and shock replacement...he's pumped :) Do you guys think a +2" or a +3" would be too much? I don't want the ass end of my car sagging...I prefer the look in my second pic here with my old shocks full of air. After watching a few videos, I'm pretty confidant we can handle this!
  14. Do you guys recommend ordering direct from Eaton, or using a vendor? Also, the Eaton website has something called “improved handling” springs, what is the difference? Should I just order the stock ones? Or go with the +1’s? Is the stock rear good on our cars? Or is it a little low?
  15. So I’ve watched a few videos on changing shocks and leaf springs, looks very manageable and a good first “big project” for me and the kids. Is there anything special I need to know before I order parts? I like the look of having the rear end up a little higher, like when my current shocks are full of air…I just want to make sure whatever I order isn’t going to drastically change the look of my car.
  16. So I had my first minor (maybe major) setback today. My mustang has these weird “air shocks” for lack of a better term, and I think they have finally died. I was going to take the kids for a spin today, but when we left the driveway it sounded like there was junk rolling around in the trunk. My son and I were adding air to the shocks last night, so I figured that would be the first place to look to explain the noise…sure enough, they were bottomed out. I tried refilling them with air, but you can hear it leak out as soon as you get them full. Empty of air… Full of air… A couple questions, is this dangerous to drive in this condition? I imagine the leaf springs are not really designed to take all the weight of the rear end right? The leaf springs were pretty “straight” when the shocks were empty. Leaf springs more curved when shocks are full Car with empty shocks… car with full shocks… How hard is it to replace shocks? It doesn’t look too terribly difficult, but I’ve never done it. What shocks should I buy? Are there any long term considerations here? Or do I just get something similar and go with it? What “size” do I order? Good brands/bad brands??
  17. That's a good point I hadn't thought of, with a 4 post the ramps would always be in the way.
  18. Yup, the more i drive it the more I fall in love with that interior. As I fix mine up, I might modernize some of the suspension and stuff but I want to keep that interior intact. It’s like sitting in a time machine and I like it that way. 😀 I see you are a fellow Minnesotan, what part of the state are you in?
  19. So you think I could try and "stuff it" back under that weather stripping with a putty knife or something?
  20. I love reading these!! Thanks for sharing, great story! Must have felt great to get it back on the road after all those years! How about any of you European members or Aussies? How did you guys meet your mustangs?? Don't be shy!
  21. Yeah, the 2-posters make me a little nervous too. They are a lot cheaper though...it would just be really nice to not have to lay down on a creeper anymore. There's just so many damn brands out there, hard to know what is junk and what is quality. That's an awesome garage setup you have there!
  22. The links in this thread don’t seem to work anymore, this is what my headliner looks like as it meets the rear window. Is this salvageable? If I were to remove the rear glass could I tuck the headliner back in? It’s in very good shape other than where it meets the rear window.
  23. Scary!! Burns are not fun. Get well soon!
  24. Anyone ever find something like this? While taking out the rear seats to look for a legible build sheet (still no luck) we found a small pile of agates, a nickel, a label from a pop bottle and this…a metal tag clipped to the rear seat-back. Anyone know anything about these? The only number I see that makes sense is the date 4-25-73.
  25. I was pondering getting a car lift for my garage, but I don't know jack (pun intended) about them. What do I need to know? Cost, clearances, saftey issues, etc. Please enlighten me.
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