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  1. Got some parts from MotorCity Mustangs today! A small project, not really worth mentioning, but the first thing we have fixed or replaced so it is worth a small celebration I think. Got a NOS dome light lens and popped it in, looks great! 😀Hopefully the first of many fixes to come! My son was pretty excited when he saw the package in the mailbox! Man this is fun!
  2. What stereo do you have? Regular AM/FM, 8-track?
  3. Welcome from Minnesota! Put up some pics when you can!
  4. Well, here goes nothin'...I've had the car for almost 20 years now and have just recently gotten it drivable. My son has been taking an interest in it a lot lately, so I will post updates on here from time to time as we do little (or maybe big) projects to the car. We had a pretty fun week this week! After years of being a captive in the garage, we went through a couple tanks of gas and just enjoyed driving around town! We even drove to grandmas house 30 miles away for its first real test of road worthiness, then we got down to brass tacks and rolled up our sleeves to see what we could come up with. My son and I replaced light bulbs in the glovebox, and trunk (didn't even know there was a light in there!), we "fixed" a broken radio knob (will have to order a replacement in the future), hunted for and found a thoroughly destroyed build sheet, did some trouble shooting with the courtesy light switch on the drivers side and ordered our first couple of parts...a NOS dome light lens, and the aforementioned courtesy light switch for that driver door! We made a list of everything we could think of together that is currently in need of attention: 1. Slight door sag 2. Tach quit working 3. Temp gauge doesn't work 4. Reverse lights do not come on 5. Right turn signal indicator on the dash does not illuminate 6. Steering wheel has a pulsing "rattle" at about 65 mph, disappears at 70+ 7. A "howling" noise at 55 mph, any slower or faster...no noise. Weird. 8. Trip odometer will not reset 9. "Park" light on dash will not illuminate 10. We want a set of Louvers 11. Weather-stripping replacement 12. Dash rattles above the heat/AC controls, makes an annoying noise 13. Headliner sagging by rear window 14. Clock quit working 15. Dash lights are VERY dim 16. Windshield washer sprays don't work 17. Fix A/C 18. Trunk needs torsion rods. 19. Motor has a "tick"...lifter noise? I'm sure we will find plenty of other things to monkey with as we go along, but we wanted a list of relatively simple things that I think a father and son can attack. I'll probably be putting up threads on some of these issues in the near future. If we have some success in fixing some of these issues, next year we might have the motor taken out and freshened up, but that's a big step and probably a bit more than we can chew right now. Someday a more complete restoration may be in order, but I'm not going to rush into anything too crazy just yet...start small, and work our way up. We've been dreaming pretty big all week though...motor, tranny, suspension, locking differential, and of course paint. I've learned a lot about these cars from this forum, and still have a lot to learn. Thanks everyone for the help already received, and I hope your ready for a whole lot of possibly stupid questions! :) Hopefully my exploits will at least make for some entertaining reading.
  5. The part of that video with the ‘69 Charger done up like the General Lee….WTF. Why would you do that, they intentionally destroyed that car! Sad.
  6. Wow, that is a really good video! Looks like a project my son and I can handle. It will be a good job for us this winter in the warm garage!
  7. Thanks! I’ll see if I can’t find a YouTube vid to detail what this all entails.
  8. The previous owner of my car made a little “corral” out of some stiff cardboard and carpeting. He even put a mustang logo in there, albeit with a broken tail…but it seems to hold all my extra parts ok!
  9. Thanks all! I’m definitely leaning towards doing a “rolling restoration” with my son. Fixing odds and ends as we go, the fun factor is just too high right now to tear it all the way down to the frame. Plus, I think my car is in pretty good shape overall. Maybe I’ll start a project thread to document everything we do. So glad I have this forum to lean on!
  10. The doors look heavy as hell! What is the part that is worn out? The pins? My hinge arms don’t look damaged in any way, they are identical to the passenger side which operates just fine.
  11. My driver side door has always needed a little help closing by gently lifting up on it a little as you close it. I always figured this was just due to 50 years of use. Here is a quick video, and a couple pics of my door components, anything seem obviously wrong?
  12. That’s a nice find! I’m hoping I’ll still find a build sheet in the back, but I’m not too wild about taking the seats out just yet to get that carpet up. On the plus side, my passenger side floor pan looked pretty good compared to the driver side!
  13. Welcome from Minnesota, beautiful car!
  14. Damn! Drilling and tapping a carb! You’ve got balls of steel, I’d be nervous as a whore in church doing something like that!
  15. So while I was digging around in the mustang today looking for my build sheet (which I found in tatters), I came across a small chunk of what I assume is the original white vinyl top that was on my mustang when new. Anyone else ever come across this? here is the tattered build sheet, maybe I’ll get lucky and find another one in a dryer location This was right under the carpet and sound deadening beneath the driver side carpet
  16. That's an awesome story David! At least you know the entire history of your car that way!! Keep 'em comin guys, I find these stories of how people came to own their mustangs fascinating! Any other original owners? What was it like the day you ordered it? Did you ever come close to selling? How many others are like me and are the third or fourth owner of their cars? Please, lets hear those stories!
  17. Because I am a bit of a Scandinavian geek, I have christened mine Sleipnir after Odin's eight-legged horse in Norse mythology. A bit of a nod to the "Big Horse" reputation they have too.
  18. All shined up and ready to hit the town!
  19. Bump. I’d really like to read more stories of how folks found their mustangs…don’t be shy folks! Lets see those creative writing skills!!
  20. The kids and I attacked the mustang today with dish soap, wax, armor all, several rolls of paper towels and q-tips. It was a deep clean for the ages, and my little army of helpers had a blast!! We have been having so much fun since we got the mustang back up and running!!
  21. I never thought of how a paint shop might not care about my engine bay or suspension components…that is definitely something to consider. I’ll be putting up a bunch of pics tomorrow and hopefully a walk around video. I think it’s in pretty good shape, and could be ripe for a driving resto. The kids and I spent several hours today scrubbing and cleaning it, looks pretty damn good!!
  22. Yup, seems to be working now on my phone. I’ll try tomorrow on the laptop, but it looks like the problem is solved for now.
  23. Driving home from work for the first time in a long time! 😀
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