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  1. When I click on the tutorials button, it says there are a bunch of them but when you click on the individual sections to see them it says there are no tutorials yet?
  2. This is kinda what I was thinking of doing, sending the motor and trannny out to be gone through and while its gone clean everything up and do suspension stuff on my own. Seems like it would be a good project for me and the boy to tackle.
  3. I think my body is in pretty good shape, it has lived a pretty pampered life in a heated garage for at least the last 20 years that I have owned it. But I suppose you don't really know what damage there may or may not be until it is torn apart right? Are you saying that it wouldn't necessarily be a good idea to tackle the engine/tranny first and get that stuff top notch? I figured that would be a prudent approach, as one can semi-easily remove a working motor and tranny and have a car sent out for paint and body...am I wrong? This is my biggest fear, I just got it alive again and I don't really want to have it stuck in a garage again for a few years...
  4. Yup, I can confirm this works! I had the same issue today, and turning that ring counterclockwise did it for me!
  5. Exactly right, this summer we are just going to enjoy it. Ill see how long of a list I come up with to determine when is the best time to start, however my son is only getting older and this is the perfect age to spend some time with him doing this type of stuff. I see you are a fellow Minnesotan! When you get your car done we will have to meetup sometime!
  6. How long did this whole restoration take you? Your car looks amazing! if I could get mine looking that good and mechanically sound I could die a happy man. My knowledge level is probably nowhere near yours, but these old cars are pretty basic. Did you do the paint and body work?
  7. Space might be an issue. I have a three stall garage that houses the Mustang, the wife's Explorer, and bikes, lawn equipment, and all that crap. Not a lot of extra room for parts. I like the idea of making a list of things I want to accomplish with it, I will definitely be doing that. Would it be smart to do the engine and transmission over one of our long Minnesota winters and then save up/mentally prepare for the body and paint in the future? If the drivetrain is solid, it shouldn't be that big of a deal to pull it again in the future and then reinstall after paint right?
  8. A very wide ranging question here with a lot of variables to boot but, if I wanted to restore my Mustang to some semblance if it's former glory...where should I start? Motor, suspension, body/paint?? I know many of you have gone through this process a few times and I'm wondering, if you could do your restorations over again would you do anything different? As some of you may know, I finally got my Mach 1 back up and running after many years of prison time in the garage (not me, the car)…It has been an absolute thrill to be out and about and enjoying it again, but I have always had a goal of fixing up this car and while I'm not really in a rush to tear it into a million pieces, there is no time like the present as they say. My son (who's 14) has really started showing an interest too and is always asking, "when we are gonna do this" and "when are we gonna do that" to the car. I have never restored a car before, and really have no idea where to start. I have limited mechanical skills, but I can probably tackle some of the work myself...although sometimes its just easier to pay a pro. I'm seeking input from the dozens of members on here who have taken their cars (some in much rougher shape than mine) and restored them to amazing results. I am seeking just to make a nice streetable car here, not a drag car or a Concours resto or anything crazy. I guess some form of mild resto-mod. I want it to look and feel and sound like an old car should, but if it has some period incorrect parts under the hood (EFI?) or hiding in the dash (digital gauges?) That wont really bother me much. I want it to turn heads, and haul some ass! My car is in daily driver shape, its got a handful of issues as it sits (gauges not working, sagging doors, dim dash lighting, interior a little rough, some lifter noise, leaks a little oil, etc.) How should I go about tackling this project? How much money can I expect to spend? How long will it take? Should I buy all the parts, and then do everything at once, or take the "a little here, a little there" approach? Should I just enjoy it for awhile first and do a resto later? Again, I know this is a wide ranging question here and a lot of your answers will depend on exactly what I want to do but please, tell me your thoughts! I appreciate all the help this forum has provided me through the years.
  9. Reposting since it looks like the old ones are gone... 3F05Q241918_dlxrpt.pdf
  10. Did we lose all the old Marti Reports when the website changed? I haven't been on here in awhile and I see a lot has changed, looks awesome though!
  11. Drove it to work two days in a row now, starting to compile a list of things that need some attention...10 years of garage time has clouded my memory of what was good and bad on the Mustang. But grinning ear to ear everywhere I go! :)
  12. Off to the DMV today to register it so everything is on the up and up! I've been getting lots of looks and thumbs up around town already. :)
  13. Finally got my Mustang back on the road after many years of sitting in the garage! Found a local mechanic to help me figure out a final gremlin that was eluding me, and just like that I have a road worthy car again! The kids are almost as excited as I am! I have driven her more miles in the last few days than we have the last decade, man it feels GOOD to get out and about with it again!!!
  14. Awesome idea, can’t wait to hear the details! Subscribed to this thread!
  15. Just wondering if anyone here has all three years of the big ponies? Would be cool to see a picture of a '71 '72 and '73 all together. I have never seen a 3 together at once, and even a quick Google search left me disappointed! To this day I still struggle to see the differences in the fenders that people talk about, aside from the gas cap on '71's and the different grills/stripes on '73's...I cant tell a lot of the time.
  16. Welcome from Minnesota! Pics please! :)
  17. Welcome from Minnesota, lets see some pics!!
  18. Welcome from Minnesota!
  19. Welcome from Minnesota from another '73 Q code owner who hopes to have his on the road again after many years too!! Congrats!! Pictures please!
  20. Went to the Street Machine Summer Nationals in St. Paul today and after walking around all day, I found 4 of our big horses at the show That lady was driving by pretty quick in that vert, had to shoot on the fly!
  21. Welcome from Minnesota! We definitely need a couple pics of all those Mustangs!!
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