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  1. Here’s a pic of that 23 year old kid I used to be with his new toy, and a couple others of it in the driveway at the old house right after I brought it home.
  2. Fabrice, thank you for continually posting such informative and well photographed posts! I plan on using your posts for a guide in much of my future work! Great job! Keep them coming!
  3. Deservedly so!! Beautiful car, congrats!
  4. Welcome from Minnesota! You can’t go wrong with a Mach 1!!
  5. Great story man! I love the first bit of drive time was rolling off the trailer!! Haha, I’ll dig up some old pics of my car from the time I bought it and post in a bit.
  6. Keep it up! She's bound to loosen up a bit eventually! If you have kids, send a picture of your kids sitting in the car...children have a way of de-thawing peoples personalities and making them remember things from their own childhood. Don't have kids? Borrow some nieces and nephews!! ::) hope she spills the beans for you soon!
  7. How I met my Mustang... It was the fall of 2003. I was driving down highway 169 from working a weekend cash job in cabin country of Northern Minnesota. Cruising along at my typical 10-15 miles over the speed limit, I catch a shiny glimpse of beautiful blue muscle car on the frontage road just off the highway. I did what any red-blooded American boy would do, and hastily cut across a couple lanes of traffic and slip into the turn lane to go take a peek. As I pull up, it's almost a scene out of a movie...The hood scoops looking like the snout of some evil blue dragon taking a nap on the side of the road... the blackout hood, spoiler, all the right things to pique the interest of a 23 year old kid...the classic "4-sale" sign tossed on the dash with a local number to call "1973 Mustang 8,500$ Steve" All the information necessary...so of course after drooling over the car a bit, I get back in my '96 F-150 and fly home. That evening I call Steve and inquire about the car. Trying to remember to not sound too excited as I asked him a few standard questions, how many miles? Any accidents? Why are you selling? Blah blah blah, I was hardly listening to the responses...now on the important questions!! Yes it is still available, but boy has he had a lot of calls on it....but, yes he can show it to me tomorrow afternoon!! All day long at work I was thinking of the car, visions of burnouts, hot chicks riding shotgun, and drag races dancing through my head. As soon as work is over I drive back to the sleepy little town along highway 169. "Are you Jason" he asks, clearly a little disappointed in my age...I have always had a babyface and I can tell he thinks I'm barley old enough to drive let alone buy a car for myself... "Yes sir, you must be Steve" Of course he is, we chat for awhile longer and the initial ice wears off and he asks if I would like to drive it....WOULD I??? Ive been waiting all day for this! He fires it up and lets me take the reigns for the first time...this not being my car and me not wanting to damage anything...I drive like a little old lady around the block a few times. "OK, pull over" he says, "I'll show you a couple things"...I'm pretty sure Steve has sold a car or two in his day to young bucks. As soon as we switch spots he heads to the edge of town at a pretty good clip, we come to a complete stop in the middle of a nice stretch of flat two-lane blacktop with no one in sight. He proceeds to do the most ass kicking break stand I have ever been a part of up to that point in my life...lets off the break a lays a nice patch of rubber along the road to commemorate my birth into the Mustang Family. At this point he probably could have added a thousand dollars to the price of the car, I was hooked...this car would be mine. We cruse back over to where my truck is parked and I try my best to work "The Art of the Deal"...the Don would have just shaken his head at me :) "Will you take 7500$???" "Oh no, this car is a paint job away from being a 30,000$ car!! I cant sell for less!" he says.. To which I naturally reply..."Sold!" We head back to his place and write up a quick little contract. I give him a deposit, then head to the bank the next day to take out a loan for the rest...A few days later she's all mine! The first day I had the car I get pulled over for rolling through a stop sign, pretty sure the cop just wanted to check out my bad ass ride because he let me off with a warning anyway. Up till that point in my life I've never had a cop pull me over and be all smiles, asking questions about my car... I drove her around a decent amount those first couple years. To work and back when the weather was nice, friends houses, the occasional car show...After meeting my wife and using the Mustang as the get-away car in the wedding (sentimental value anti-sale insurance guarantee, do it guys!), the babies started arriving and the Mustang fell into disrepair a bit. She sat in my garage for the better part of ten years, the longest trip being an 18 mile journey from our old house to our new one when we moved in 2010...but my kids are bigger now, and I have finally decided to get the Mustang back out there. I should have her back next week, and I am VERY excited!! These old Mustangs have an effect on people, and I swear I was meant to have this car...I know it sounds kinda corny and silly. But all the little things that had to line up just right for me to notice the car when I did, work up north that weekend, take that particular road home that day, be the first one to show up and see the car out of a handful of calls the Steve got (or maybe that was one of his expert salesmanship tactics??) :) I think others of you know what I'm talking about and maybe have a similar (or vastly different) story, I'd love to hear the different circumstances that led to other people being owned by a Mustang!!
  8. I stopped out at the home of the guy who brought my car to Minnesota, there was no answer at the door so I stopped at the neighbors house to make sure I was at the right place. Turns out I was...Unfortunately, as I mentioned in a previous post, the guy passed away a couple years ago. The neighbor lady said his wife still lives there but isn't in the best of health, but the brother comes buy every now and again to check up on her. So I left my contact info with the neighbor lady, and I'm just hoping he will call. It's been a couple weeks since I stopped out there and I haven't had any calls yet. I typed up a letter tonight explaining my situation a little better, and attached a couple pictures for good measure. I'm sure just getting a message from the neighbor lady to call some stranger about a car your brother sold 20 years ago seems weird! :) I think I'll make one more attempt to get ahold of this guy. Hopefully he can point me in the right direction...
  9. Sweet! Looks like there are several in my area, thanks Don.
  10. I got some great...but spendy...news from my mechanic!! After rebuilding my carb, putting in new spark plugs and supplying it with fresh gas from a bottle my Mustang is running great!! I even got to stop by and listen to her growl :) One of my mufflers was also split down the seam and the gas tank has a bunch of nasty rusty sludge in it from sitting. We have a new gas tank and muffler on the way, so in a few days and about 1300 dollars later I should have my car back and patrolling the streets of central Minnesota!! My question is this..What gas should I run in it? In the past I have just put in 91 octane, but the gas around here has that 10-15% corn piss in it that I have heard is horrible for old engines and I really don't want to deal with these issues again. There are some gas stations around that have "non-oxy premium" will that do the trick? Or is there some additive I should use? After basically replacing the entire fuel system, I want to keep it in as good of shape as I can for as long as I can.
  11. Oh I’m not thinking of buying it, I was more or less sharing it for a good laugh! If I needed this for a parts car I’d offer 750$, this thing is rough! He’s waaaay of at 2k if you ask me.
  12. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/cto/d/1973-mustang/6627879566.html Looks a little rough to me for 2000$, but what do I know...
  13. Welcome from Minnesota!
  14. Did the A/C work in this car? I’d be interested in the compressor and whatever hoses come out of it.
  15. Any particular type of lacquer thinner? My white interior is kinda scummy and I would love it to look like yours...have any before pics?
  16. Nice, maybe now I can find the A/C unit I threw away when I was young and dumb. Not sure what they mean by "integral early" "integral late" and "hang on A/C" ?
  17. Beautiful car! And a great story too, I’m hoping my son can help me do mine in a few years.
  18. Thanks for the help guys, I’ve got searches saved on both sites. Maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will have on old pic or ad or something...hell I’d be happy with a keychain! I mostly just wanted to start a thread with this title in the hopes that someone in the interwebs may come across it and have some info for me.
  19. Welcome, what part of Minnesota are you in neighbor?
  20. Sweet, a handy trick. Hopefully I’ll get some hits!
  21. Welcome from Minnesota! I couldn't get the pics to load, will have to try again later on my phone.
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