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  1. it's interesting how fast my car popped up in this forum. i bought the car a few years back. it's truly a time capsule with 123000 km on the odometer. the engine as well as the entire car is original...OK the paint job isn't factory :-) the car belonged to a swiss air force pilot that liked the USA...hence the paint job. the past 2 owner are good friends of mine so i'v had the mach1 on my radar for the past 16 years. here are a few more pictures.
  2. hello from vienna, if you want you can contact me in vienna. do you speak german? my french in a little rusty. abudi
  3. welcome from vienna austria great looking car you have there.
  4. wow looks like you have a long way ahead of you. welcome and hello from vienna 1140 abudi
  5. hello eddy, that would be something i am looking for. i have the original intake on my boss but i would like to update it to a square bore pattern. so, if you want to let go of it, please let me know. thanks abudi
  6. congrats to that amazing car. i had a 72 convertible just like that. except it had a 302 in it. keep us posted. having the car in chuck's hand is fortunate. keep us posted abudi
  7. spechti, please contact me concerning the fmx. i might have someone here in vienna who could help you. abudi
  8. thanks for the information. i had that on my radar. i'll give it a shot tomorrow and see how things work out. abudi
  9. hi folks, it's been a while since i was here. the manual states that the valve lash settings are 0.022 cold. does anyone have values for me that might make the engine perform better. chuck was here in vienna and told me i should reset them a little and i forgot to ask how much. i was thinking of 0.020 for starters. would that be wrong? thanks abudi
  10. trust me once you converted the car from FMX to t5 you'll never want to go back. http://www.moderndriveline.com/ abudi
  11. i can assure you the power is there. if you compare it to a 289 k code engine, the boss turns smoother. i have both cars and if i have to chose between the two, i prefer the boss. the entire car is bigger and stands out more. now with the engine hooked up with the t5, i'm super happy. abudi
  12. you can count on it ray. i was so excited that everything worked out that i forgot to take a picture of the boss after i was done :-)
  13. yeah now i can finally take the car for a ride into the alps and not have to stop every 200km for gas :-) this is probably one of my best investments into this car. i'm keeping the original toploader in any case so at the end of the day the car ist still all "original" abudi
  14. hi folks, today was the day. a friend and i switched the toploader with the t5 worldclass and everything went as planed. the guys from modern driveline really came thru with their package. the only "real" adjustment were made on the bellhousing. after we put in the spacer the the tranny slipped right back into place. it was installed in 10 minutes :-) the drive shaft slipped in just like before and no shortening was needed. i stuck in an old yoke into the tranny and put it into 5th gear. while slipping it into the engine i turned the yoke and the entire tranny literally slipped into place. in position (without the crossmember) (with the tranny mount and crossmember) the original driveshaft :-) danke and fertig :-) it took konrad and i 2,5 hrs for the entire reassembly with the mandatory test drive :-) t5 with 3,91:1 rear axle and 225 60 r15 tires if you were to turn it to 6000 rpm 1 gear: 62 km/h 2 gear: 94 km/h before 120km/h mit dem 4 gang toploader 4000rpm!! now with the t5 i'm turning 2500rpm at 120 km/h. 140 km/h cruising speed 3000 rpm. abudi
  15. maybe i'll stick with the original 3,91:1 i'll know more tomorrow and will post here as soon as i test drove it. thanks abudi
  16. thanks!! i'm still not sure if i should change the 3,91:1 to a 3,25:1 ratio. depending on how good the milage gets, i might do that as well. thanks abudi
  17. hi folks, it's been a while since i posted something here. i am in the process of switching my 4 speed toploader to a t5 worldclass. here are a few pictures of the disassembly and of the partial reassemly. i'll be installing the t5 tomorrow so there will be more pictures of the installation. the old overhauled 4 gang toploader the stuff from modern driveline (transmission, shifter, spacer etc) i removed the H pipe for better access the bell housing without spacer T5 worldclass 5 speed tranny bell housing with the new spacer ready for installation more to come soon abudi
  18. bonjour manu, i might have a solution for you. i have rebuilt a few of theses cases in the past. i have a great and reliable address in graz, austria. if you want i can hook you up with the guy there. another alternative would be in germany. if you want give me a call. abudi
  19. the season is pretty much over here too in austria. abudi
  20. thanks folks. i really did enjoy my little trip with the boss. i'll try to get a few better shots of the boss in the city. abudi
  21. hi folks, i am very proud of my 71 mustang. we came in 54th place out of 182 cars. no that bad huh?? http://www.motor-mythos.at/dokumente/Ergebnisse/vienne12_gesamt.pdf abudi
  22. that hurts. i would by it immediately if i had the space and if it were here in europe. abudi
  23. wow i never expected that there would be this much feedback. thanks for all the positive comments. the rally was really a blast. the funnest part was showing all these european cars that 71-73 mustangs can do the job too. the course was set from the city, up into the hilly area of vienna, back down to the danube, back into the city (a lot of traffic) and then to the red carpet. most of the cars had temperature problem but not my boss. i really was whipping the boss into turns and chewed up 3/4 (145 km distance) of my gas tank by accelerating to 6100 rpms. all in all it was worth it :-) abudi
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