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  1. Yes, it's the sheet metal between the trunk lid and the conv top.
  2. I am in need of the trunk filler panel (area between trunk and back window) for my 72 conv. My top side and under side are eat up. Would anyone happen to have this in good order?
  3. Has anybody seen or hung the new dynacorn doors yet? I thinking of buy both sides, my doors are really bad.
  4. Thanks for help Suggestion work great Quarter panel
  5. Thanks All, I will give it a try and post results.
  6. This will be my first quarter skin replacement, so I may be missing something. The bottom front of the skin that meets the rocker, angles down at an angle instead of up like the rocker. If I bend to match will that cause other problems or is the gap filled with something. I could make a little patch piece to fill the gap. Help in this area. thanks
  7. Thanks everyone. I was leaning toward a rebuild and with info provided that will be my route. Now I just need to figure out what I need to do to make it a great driver that sounds great. A good classic conv that I will not be hot rodding.
  8. My 72 conv. has the original 351C 2v(H) in it. One of the previous owners installed a MSD ignition, Holley 650cfm 4bbl carb, and Edelbrock performer intake. To my knowledge nothing else has been done to the engine and I know it needs a rebuild. I have talked to a few people around here and I keep hearing that rebuilding a 351C is very expensive and I should consider installing a crate engine. I would like to hear options & opinions from this forum. I not worried about making the car original, as some mods have already been made. Thanks
  9. Received a seat platform from a forum member. No longer need one. Thanks
  10. May be looking to buy a driver seat conv platform for my 72. Does anyone have one in good shape and if so at what cost? Thanks
  11. I think being by the coast is where the cancer on mine is from. It spent most of the last 20 years in and around Wilmington until this summer when I purchased it. My son and I just started replacing the floorpans a couple of weekends ago. Good luck on yours.
  12. Welcome from the eastern side of NC. What area of NC are you located? Your vert looks like its in much better shape cancer wise than mine.
  13. I will answer my own question for future convertible restoration newbies. The answer is no on the inner rocker arms. As long as they are not rusted out they can stay but the seats lower reinforcement pans will have to drilled out under the rocker panels where these and the floor pans are spot welded. The biggest thing that was confusing to me was the new replacement floor pans have the outer lip bent up, but on convertibles that lip is not needed and will have to be removed. This is only my assessment so if any pros on here see that I have something wrong please correct.
  14. Well I final decided to take the 72 convertible off the road and started working on it since I have a long weekend. Pulled the interior out and the floor pans are gone. The inner rocker arms look good but with some surface rust the best I can tell so far. I was a little surprised to see that the floor pans seem to go up behind the inner rocker panel, so the question is do I have to remove the inner rocker panel to install the floor pans? The floor pans are rusted thru up to and under the rocker panels. This is my first mustang so it is all new to me. thanks in advance.
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