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  1. A few years back they offered them on this site...maybe check with an admin, they may have plans for another run one day.
  2. Been a few years since I've been active on here, family, work, school, blah, blah, blah.... Just kind of lost my way, ended up having to get rid of my 71 project, too much time and money needed, you all know the story. Well my love of Mustangs, especially the big girls of 71 through 73, never faded. While I currently don't have a project or ride, I decided it's time to get my mind back into the game and maybe sooner or later get another project. But til then, I just wanted to say, I'm baaaaaaaaack!!!!! And also wanted to see if anyone else has the challenge coin that was offered awh
  3. I like that station wagon idea....pretty cool photoshop. As for what "almost" was offered, I really would love to see what Shelby would have done with the big girls! I like to dream that the GT350 would have been a nicely done up Cleveland (if Shelby had still had his hands involved with it, think of the aftermarket parts that might have been!). Of course the GT500 would have to be at least a bumped up 460....or the rumored 500+ inch versions that Ford was dreaming up. I know there was the Shelby Europa, to me it was just like the Mexcian Shelbys....someone else using his name to sel
  4. http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/itemdy01.asp?T1=LED4+01&Category=Lighting&subCategory=Taillights&SubSubCategory=Taillight+Kits&CatKey=EMUSTANG I know these ones aren't sequential, but if I recall right, all three tail lamps (red) light up when you brake, and the center back up light is LED also. Don't know how hard it would be for a electrical wizard here to "rewire" one for sequential function Michael
  5. Well I am hoping they are not piston twisters in the sense that the name was bestowed upon me.:D Thanks! Wish I had some to pass out... Lord knows I would enjoy a nice Robusto Maduro right about now. Current habit is the Gurhka Ghost sticks...reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllly nice!
  6. Still a newbie here on the board, but couldn't help but want to share a pic of my newest little gearhead...Victor!!! Joined us on September 3rd at 6:04PM. Mom is doing very well. So now I have three little guys to one day help me out when I finally get around to fixing up my side yard ornament! Michael
  7. I've tweaked mine before when replacments were not lining up. Just be careful and do a little at a time, should be fine. The extensions are pot metal if I remember right, not too sure how heat would cause them to react. I guess the question I should have asked first is, just how far out of alignment with the fender is it? If t is too much, might be better finding another end piece. Michael
  8. My neighbor had a 66 Mustang coupe, black paint, white vinyl top with a red interior...first time I saw a Mustang up close. It sat in his side yard, which faced my homes front yard. She was a yard ornamnet for sure...10 years of watching that car it never moved...yet somehow she kept clean (didn't look like a usual yard ornament covered in dirt, dust and pollen). Well when I got my license I asked if he ever wanted to sell...typical answer, "no". This went on for a few years. At the decade point of watching, I was getting ready to move out, thought I would give it one more shot and ask. We
  9. I think the reason the 351M and even the 400 are looked upon badly is that they came about at a time when performance engines were slowly disappearing from the market (70 gas crunch, insurance, etc...). Due to the timing of their release, there was minimal factory "hot rodding" parts available (pretty much what ever parts swapped over from the 351 Cleveland). And then there was no aftermarket support. This is why I think they are overlooked. If they were released 5 years earlier, they would have taken on a whole new persona...they were pretty much gelded by the "new emissions standards",
  10. Woo Hoo!! Got mine today....definately a beautifully done piece, would gladly have paid double for it (but still glad I didn't have too! ;) ) Michael
  11. I don't have any pictures (and my collection is currently packed away), but another manufacturer that I think did an excellent job on a 71 Mustang is Sun Star ... http://www.sunstarmodelcars.com/3606/3606.htm Opening doors, folding seats, opening trunk (can even see the fire extinguisher in there), detailed engine and 1:18 scale to boot...not the greatest, but given the limited options we lovers of the big horse have...definately worth getting in my opinion. Only issue I had was the lightly glued on antenna stub, popped mine off taking it out of the box, but easy enough to glue back
  12. From what I've been reading online, MPC is reissuing this kit come August this year! Below is a copy of the kit[/b] description... 1970's Hot Rod Magazine Mustang Funny Car Item No: MPC801 Release Date: August 2013 MPC reintroduces the Hot Rod Magazine Mustang Funny Car! This sleek 70's flopper is a kit with a valuepacked bonus-a free one year subscription to Hot Rod magazine! Featuring a blown drag motor, factory prelettered slicks, tubular "short dragster" chassis and optional twin open parachutes. Improved decal graphics and packaging inspired by the vintage original will m
  13. I got the 1/25 version as well! It used to be harder to find the 71-73 Mustangs model kits. I can't remember which compnay made it (might have been revell) but the "best" option used to be the Boss 351 kit...but the lines weren't right and for some odd reason all the 71-73 Mustang kits I've seen and had were just like it, the hood had the cowl vents (not sure if that is the proper term, but is was the slots cut along the back end of some hoods) on it...not even close to what the real hood looks like. I am happy with my find! Michael
  14. I got it off EBay, usually I see them for sale out of Japan and they ask $250.00 for them...found this one in the States for just a hair over the hundred mark. Probably overpaid (I am sure now they will show up by the dozens for a lot less! :rolleyes: ) but I've been looking for so long I couldn't pass the opportunity up. Michael
  15. I finally managed to snag a Mustang kit I've been hunting for for the better part of 20 years...not many have heard of it, let alone even seen it before. I had talked with a guy who goes to Carlise PA every year, has tons and tons of kits (vintage and new) and even he looked at me blankly when I asked him about it...well no more searching for me!! Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I present to you...the Doyusha 1/12 scale 71 Mach 1!!! This baby is a monster!! Measures in 15 inches long! Opening doors, folding seat, working stearing...even the twist lock hood hold downs work (a
  16. The Mauser ammo isn't too hard to find, not cheap, but not too expensive. It's a shame that the tokarov ammo being the same exact size cannot be used...just too hot for an old frame like the Broomhandles. The one I have that is complete is Mauser 7.63...might one day get it relined to 9mm, the bore is good, not great. The other I am piecing together, I've not decided yet what the caliber will be. Might go with the 9mm on both, this way when I am done with my Uzi semi builds they can share plinking ammo! Michael
  17. Honestly speaking, the yellow Mustang with the ground effects...not too bad, don't really like the side scoops, but the rest is done very nicely I think (still not my style though)... But now if you say you don't like 'em low... then lets raise 'em up! Again, not my style...but I do appreciate the technical abilities of the folks who do these things. Some people are not afraid to make their visions a reality. Michael A few more from around the web... Now this last one is weird as well...just not the same weird as the rest. Never really saw much
  18. Nice...I always thought about getting a broom handle...I had a artillery erfurt luger for a while..You got the stripper clip ones? or the ones with magazines?
  19. Cool...I'd like to get the gun icon too if possible? I have a 1911, S&W .357, Mossberg 500, one function broomhandle, another in the process of getting parts accumulated for it. Also have two P13 frames I am planning on building soon, then there is the AK kit, the AMD 65 kit, the PSL kit...got a couple of Uzi kits waiting in the line up too! Kind of got the bug lately to work on semi-auto builds... kind of falls into the same mindset of working on classic Mustangs. Some parts you find, some you restore, some you clean...some you just have to make 'em yourself. Michael
  20. Welcome from Maryland! I think you found my first fastbacks cousin! When I got it, the previous owner did the same center hood black out just like that...I was even missing the grill and had the bumper guards too...only thing different was mine was painted burgandy (which had oxidized badly and when you sanded it, kind of took on a purplish pink hue...yuck!). Good luck with getting her started! Michael
  21. Stay free, stay safe...and motor on! Happy Fourth of July to you all!:salute:
  22. It must be awful with the heat, hope you all get some relief soon! She will....just not too sure how soon. Two young 'uns already, and a third on the way!!!! Managed to sell off most other projects I've got lying around...holding tight to this one!
  23. Well I got the pic added that earned me the screen name of piston twister. I know it is actually the rod that is twisted, but the name rod twister... I didn't want to go down that road! ;)
  24. Long time back I had a 71 coupe that had the center dash map light...right above where the three guage cluster would be. Never did see that on any other Mustang....anyone else see or have this? Sorry I don't have pics, and I got rid of the old girl years ago. Really do miss that coupe. Michael
  25. As with many, been lurking....now I hope to be posting! My name is Michael and the screen name is from a friend years ago who gave it to me when I had an engine ingest some water and went kablewey!! (The surviving rod and piston I still have, all twisted up...that is where the name is from and soon as I find the pic again it will be my avatar). I've owned a few mustangs over the years, always the 71-73 models, and I was really excited when I stumbled across this forum. I've always thought the big Stangs were the red headed stepchild of the Mustangs, never really getting the attention th
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