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  1. Bumper cover on it's way to a new home. :(
  2. Tim, Waiting to receive check. I'll contact you if it does not come. Don
  3. 1973 Urethane Bumper NOS $1000 plus shipping from Berwick, PA.
  4. UPS Ground shipping to 11746 is $31.62. UPS Ground 19.17 USD Signature Required This will open a new window 5.55 USD Declared Value 6.90 USD Charges Per Package 31.62 USD
  5. I sold my 73 Mustang and no longer have anything with a 351C. I'm not sure about shipping, but I can check.
  6. 351 Cleveland Blue Thunder Manifold as shipped from Blue Thunder. Used lightly. $550 plus shipping.
  7. Another suggestion is to tap and install large hex set screws, with red loctite into the intake and EGR spacer passages. I did this several years ago on a 73 Q code and they have not gone anywhere.
  8. Thanks for the replies so far. Two against one for retard in the gear assembly and not the cam. I planned to drain and clean the cooling system and replace the water pump. Since the water pump will be removed it is not that much more work to remove the cover, damper, and replace the timing chain and gear assembly. At this time, I don't want to replace the cam and lifters. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I have read several older threads about the factory retarding of the cam on the 73 Q code engine for emissions. At the time, no one was able to say for sure if the retard was done with the grind of the cam or by the timing chain gear. Does anyone on this forum know for sure? I would like to advance the cam timing on my car and believe all that is needed is to install a new timing chain and gear set with a multi index sprocket set to advance the timing by 4 degrees. Is this correct? Thanks for any and all advice.
  10. 99% complete rear seat assembly. $1050 + shipping. Chrome trim in very good condition. Includes sheet metal and brackets. Needs very few small parts and new carpet. Pictures below. http://tinypic.com/a/ap5p5/3
  11. The remote mirror adjuster nut/bezel on my car is pitted and I am looking for one in good condition. Any body have one?
  12. D1ZZ-16A624-A Air Scoop Grille (Right Side). For 71-73 NASA hood. New in Ford package. $20 plus shipping.
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