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  1. There was this guy whose mother died (they were very close) and then he went into a depression which made him distant and withdrawn and which eventually made his (very hot) wife of over 20 years divorce him... so after life threw some more nasty things at him he decided he’d had enough, that the movie sucked and he’d leave the theater. Now this guy has a (also very hot) lady friend who lives about an hour away from him and on that particular night she’s at home, goes into full panic mode, cries and tells her partner “there’s something wrong with x !!!” She doesn't bother to get in
  2. Yes, that’s Angelos car. You can look up and follow the whole build here on the forum. This is one of my favorite cars ever and Angelo has mad skills and a great eye for details.
  3. What Himikiller said. The rockers are zinc (?) coated on the outside so they don't rust where you can see it. They'll look perfectly good but rust from the inside out. what you don't want is a newly painted car fail inspection 16 months later because the rockers burst open and the rusted innards spill out like you tipped over a box of corn flakes. ask me how I know..... or better yet don't... because it's one of those memories I'm trying to forget. :)
  4. The metal on our cars is really strong and can hold a model easily without bending. It all depends on how picky you are with your car but the paint won't suffer either unless she's wearing rivets or something metal that can scratch the paint. I mean even the fiberglass scoop held her easily. ....
  5. I surprised myself by quite successfully fixing some major curb rash on one of my 124 Spiders rims. It's easier than I thought! Nevertheless I'm still proud of myself. ;)
  6. I spent the day at the studio with our singer while she recorded some vocals for our new album.... so nothing car related at all... but I’d choose time with her over a car anytime. :)
  7. last time something like that happened to me was when I was installing the sport suspension in my 124 Spider. I was trying to loosen the bolt that holds the lower end of the shock absorber in the left front wheel well. The head of bolt is facing toward the front of the car so I have to push the ratchet towards the car. (The car is on the lift at the height of my chest). I remember thinking that maybe I should turn the ratchet 180 degrees so that I’d pull instead of push but... you know... stupidity! as we all know bolts come in two versions: totally stuck or free as a bird ... with
  8. Unfortunately humans are not designed to travel at higher speeds in metal cages where you risk hitting things. We need to deal with it. Just like you enjoy your bacon on your burger and don’t think of your arteries although you know it’ll kill you eventually. I drive my Mustang way too fast on way too winding roads but it’s fun. If I screw up... well I’ll have to tell myself “told you so”. It’s only gotten worse with the Fiat 124 Spider... small two seater roadster with over 200 hp and a manual transmission... I only try to make sure I don’t take anyone else with me on
  9. I love clay bats. It’s the only real car care product I ever use as I hate detailing cars. But clay bars make the job so much easier. Parked under a tree? Clay bar. Bird shit? Clay bar! Plus they rock when it comes to windshields!!! Great result on your car!!
  10. Regarding the topic at hand: I took a year off the forum because my life basically fell apart and I had too much personal stuff going on. Plus i don’t really care about my vert anymore (just missed a once in a lifetime opportunity to get rid of it) and as a consequence I no longer care much about talking about it or topics related to it. Other things have taken over. My band is coming along nicely, I did a course on building guitars so I’m setting up a workshop to build guitars... and I bought a Fiat 124 Spider which is way more fun than the 72. (Sorry for the blasphemy!) I
  11. I honestly thought for a second that that was my car in the background!! 😃
  12. I’ve cut one whole loop off those one inch lowering springs from Mustangs Unlimited and I’ve been using the car as a daily driver during the summer months for about 8 years with that setup without any issues. You need to be careful to get the edge right when cutting them and of course you need to install them properly against the tab on the bracket.
  13. These are 255/60/15 on original 7x15 Magnum 500s. Those are the same rims once painted black and once hidden behind stock hub caps and aftermarket trim rings. But the suspension is lowered a lot!
  14. I use my 72 for a daily driver during summer. Been doing this for about 12 years now. :)
  15. Welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!
  16. Welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!
  17. That’s why you should always wear protection otherwise you risk leaking white fluids... 😜
  18. Yeah, that's the only positive thing with this divorce situation. We're getting along quite well and there's no hate or spite.
  19. Welcome from Luxembourg, Europe! Have fun. ;)
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