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  1. I've only got positive feedback on the Vitour Galaxys, especially when it comes to adherence in the rain.  I'll probably try them when my Coopers need replacing. 
    it's interesting to see that on yours the writing is on exactly opposing sides of the tire. All the pictures I found regarding tires for sale here in Europe have the writing off to one side which kinda looks good in a 60s kind of way but in the other hand bugs me little. My jury's still out on that. 


  2. 1 hour ago, tony-muscle said:

    When turning to the left you are probably hitting the nut that holds the gear box. I have two ideas:

    -Depending on how much they are touching, you may be able to grind a little of the nut without compromising its integrity.

    -From factory the stop point is when the spindle contacts the LCA. You could drill the LCA to add a bolt and locknut. You then can adjust the stop point by tightening or loosening the bolt. This is what my aftermarket LCAs have. However, the stock ones may not have enough meat there to drill a hole without weakening, which means that you will have to reinforce around it. Or perhaps just weld shims to achieve the desired stop point. All depending on how much of the stock look you want to retain.

    -Edit PS: another one could be to add a thin enough wheel spacer to push the wheel a few tens of an inch outwards.

    Thanks. I'll give that a try. I thought there might exist some kind of Gadget that would do the job but I'll try this method you mentioned,

    thanks a lot! 
    A spacer is out of the question as there is a very tiny gap between the fender and the tire because of the lowered suspension. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Stanglover said:

    The only way I know of to limit turn travel is to change the stop shim or end plug in the PS box. Has you PS box been rebuilt? I'm wondering if it was assembled incorrectly although that is hard to believe unless incorrect parts were used. If that's not the case then my uneducated guess is something else is wrong, like alignment.

    Alignment is fine. I don't think the PS box has ever been rebuilt. It might be because of the 255 tires though but if I remember correctly it also did it with the 235 ones..... 


  4. Does anybody know if there is a steering rack limiter available for our cars? Or if there is another remedy?

    I need to prevent the front left tire from rubbing on the frame rail when turning it all the way to the left. They complained about it during inspection and it won't pass next time if the problem persists. 
    I know that the problem is common to our cars but they don't care. 

  5. 16 hours ago, NOT A T5 said:

    Isn't that something...front page says '70 Mustang, then in the article it's a '71 and you have a '72 LOL

    Yeah, they really screwed that up. The quality of that magazine has been gradually declining for a few years. 
    But I’m really happy my car was featured in it because this was the magazine we would all drool over as teenagers (one of them at least! ;) ) and I was even more thrilled because it made the cover. 

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  6. There was this guy whose mother died (they were very close) and then he went into a depression which made him distant and withdrawn and which eventually made his (very hot) wife of over 20 years divorce him... so after life threw some more nasty things at him he decided he’d had enough, that the movie sucked and he’d leave the theater. 

    Now this guy has a (also very hot) lady friend who lives about an hour away from him and on that particular night she’s at home, goes into full panic mode, cries and tells her partner “there’s something wrong with x !!!” 

    She doesn't bother to get in touch with the guy but immediately calls the cops to check on him and she really needs to convince them as they say she has nothing to go by. 

    The next day the guy wakes up in ICU and she shows up an hour later to care for him. 

    Ok, they’d been texting that night but the guy did not hint at what he was gonna do, the psychiatric nurses told the guy later that even with their specific training they would never have guessed anything from those messages. 

    How did she know?!  She had nothing to indicate something was wrong...... yet she knew without a doubt...... 



  7. What Himikiller said. The rockers are zinc (?) coated on the outside so they don't rust where you can see it. They'll look perfectly good but rust from the inside out. 
    what you don't want is a newly painted car fail inspection 16 months later because the rockers burst open and the rusted innards spill out like you tipped over a box of corn flakes. 
    ask me how I know..... or better yet don't... because it's one of those memories I'm trying to forget. :) 

  8. The metal on our cars is really strong and can hold a model easily without bending. It all depends on how picky you are with your car but the paint won't suffer either unless she's wearing rivets or something metal that can scratch the paint.  

    I mean even the fiberglass scoop held her easily. ....



  9. last time something like that happened to me was when I was installing the sport suspension in my 124 Spider. I was trying to loosen the bolt that holds the lower end of the shock absorber in the left front wheel well. The head of bolt is facing toward the front of the car so I have to push the ratchet towards the car. (The car is on the lift at the height of my chest). 

    I remember thinking that maybe I should turn the ratchet 180 degrees so that I’d pull instead of push but... you know... stupidity!

    as we all know bolts come in two versions: totally stuck or free as a bird ... with no transition whatsoever between the two states.

    I’m throwing all my weight against the ratchet repeatedly and suddenly the bolt gives and I fall forward propelled by all my weight.. aaand of course I scrape my arm on some sharp point on the lower A arm. 

    But the worst part was.... I had to become stationary somehow.... welp, that happened by hitting my face nose first into the front fender of the car. 

    I heard a sharp crack inside my skull, my nose and some of my face became  numb immediately and blood was pouring out of my nose. 

    Despite all that my nose was not broken and the pain subsided only a few minutes later so I guess I was lucky. 

    But I think the scar on my arm will stay for good. It’s been about 6 weeks and it’s still clearly visible. 

    And that, my friends is why I’m not a mechanic. 🙄




  10. On 9/30/2020 at 1:01 AM, mudbilly said:

    For me it always to be that my brain sees it a nano second before the incident happens, but it isn't fast enough to make me stop from doing it.


     Like holding something in the palm of my hand and using a flat bladed screw driver to remove a stuck screw. And right before the screw driver slips and goes deep into my palm, I swear that I knew it was going to happen the nano second before.

    Or holding a nail in an awkward position, thinking that I should just reposition myself, my brain sees the hammer heading for my thumb the nano second before I have a blue thumb nail.

    it is always too late ...........


    This!! I hate my own stupidity!!!

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