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  1. Yeah. I always shift it out of overdrive manually but it takes about 3-4 seconds to shift down which seems like nothing on paper but which is half an eternity

    The first three shift easily but the whole trans eats power compared to the FMX that was in the car before.

    I don't wanna hijack this thread though.

  2. I absolutrly hate my AOD! It was the single worst mod I did to my car and totally ruined it. It turned it into a dog. It's lazy and can't be bothered to come out of overdrive unless I come to a complete stop. It has been rebuilt by an ATSG certified shop and there is no difference.

    I'm glad yours turned out successful.

  3. I actually prefer yours compared to the Foose one. And that's saying something!!

    And yes, I agree that the reflections make the quarters look "separate" from the rest of the car but I guess that's because of the mirror finish black paint. A silver color or something similar would probably not have had that effect.

    But it's not really an issue.

    Like they say in Germany: were complaining on a very high level. :)

    Bottom line is, if it ever starts bugging you, I'll take it. :)

  4. You may buy an American brand but you will surely get a lift from some unknown manufacturer.

    As I've stated before, I bought from a renowned German brand and the lift is EXACTLY the same as yours and others I've seen posted here by different brands. Only the colors change, sometimes maybe the control unit too.

    Even the heavy steel "brakets" the parts are bolted to for shipping are exactly the same as those on mine.


    More fun and cheaper than having an affair (in the long run) ::devil::


    Well, it's always a matter of spending a lot of money only because you wanna get inside, get her motor running and enjoying the curves. After that it's maintenance. :)

  6. Well, at the age of 47.... midlife crisis seems to have hit. So I went and got me a new toy. 

    Today I picked up my new Fiat 124spider. Although it's by far not a race car it really bites and has quite a nasty temper when you challenge it. 

    Basically a typical small Italian sports car. :)


  7. Saturday the 14th is usually one worse than Friday the 13th!  :D 


    A little story....:

    About 15 years ago I changed the Master cylinder and must have had some air trapped in it. Brakes worked for 3 full days until suddelny the pedal went to the floor and I had no brakes whatsoever. I learned that day that "emergency Brake" is a term that the parking brake does not deserve as it only loked the rears while car didn't slow down the tiniest bit.

    I was just going into a roundabout with a van in front of me which had stopped. It moved just fast enough for me to squeeze past it on the right, turn left into the roundabout, take the first exit, get into a spin and end up backwards on the sidewalk 2 cm away from a concrete wall. On my way there I had avoided at least three cars and two road signs by mere inches. 

    I only have about 10 gray hairs but all of them must have come from that particular day. (Ok, one or two may be because of 18 years of marriage). I aged ten years in ten seconds. I still don't know why I didn't hit anything as there were enough obstacles everywhere. 


    Long story short: Brakes are THE most important thing on a car, forget about horse power, torque etc. Brakes can make or break you!


    You were pretty lucky it turned out that way! I'm glad for you!

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