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  1. Unfortunately humans are not designed to travel at higher speeds in metal cages where you risk hitting things. We need to deal with it. Just like you enjoy your bacon on your burger and don’t think of your arteries although you know it’ll kill you eventually. I drive my Mustang way too fast on way too winding roads but it’s fun. If I screw up... well I’ll have to tell myself “told you so”. It’s only gotten worse with the Fiat 124 Spider... small two seater roadster with over 200 hp and a manual transmission... I only try to make sure I don’t take anyone else with me on my way out I love Jeremy Clarkson’s quote: “speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary is what gets you”!
  2. I love clay bats. It’s the only real car care product I ever use as I hate detailing cars. But clay bars make the job so much easier. Parked under a tree? Clay bar. Bird shit? Clay bar! Plus they rock when it comes to windshields!!! Great result on your car!!
  3. Regarding the topic at hand: I took a year off the forum because my life basically fell apart and I had too much personal stuff going on. Plus i don’t really care about my vert anymore (just missed a once in a lifetime opportunity to get rid of it) and as a consequence I no longer care much about talking about it or topics related to it. Other things have taken over. My band is coming along nicely, I did a course on building guitars so I’m setting up a workshop to build guitars... and I bought a Fiat 124 Spider which is way more fun than the 72. (Sorry for the blasphemy!) I cannot stress enough how much this forum has been helpful over the years and how many nice people I met on here (some have even become dear friends in real life) and I really appreciate everything this forum (and its members) gave me. But I really don’t feel like posting anymore (or even reading for that matter).
  4. I honestly thought for a second that that was my car in the background!! 😃
  5. I’ve cut one whole loop off those one inch lowering springs from Mustangs Unlimited and I’ve been using the car as a daily driver during the summer months for about 8 years with that setup without any issues. You need to be careful to get the edge right when cutting them and of course you need to install them properly against the tab on the bracket.
  6. These are 255/60/15 on original 7x15 Magnum 500s. Those are the same rims once painted black and once hidden behind stock hub caps and aftermarket trim rings. But the suspension is lowered a lot!
  7. I use my 72 for a daily driver during summer. Been doing this for about 12 years now. :)
  8. Welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!
  9. Welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!
  10. That’s why you should always wear protection otherwise you risk leaking white fluids... 😜
  11. Yeah, that's the only positive thing with this divorce situation. We're getting along quite well and there's no hate or spite.
  12. Welcome from Luxembourg, Europe! Have fun. ;)
  13. Ok, I got a fun story for you. some of you may remember my post in late spring of 2018 that I had bought a Fiat 124 Spider. Welp, last year I got divorced and my wife didn't really care which car she got, so I gave her the 124 and I kept the VW GTI because I also kept the house and, well, sometimes you need a minimum of room to haul something. I've missed that car ever since and decided one day I'd get another one of those. So two weeks ago one showed up at my local Fiat Dealer but I hesitated too long and it sold just a few hours before I went there. So now I was bitten by the bug and looked online. Turns out there's one at a BMW dealership about 20 kilometers from my place. I immediately haul ass so that I won't miss that one too. During the test drive the car felt utterly familiar and I could swear I smelled a whiff of my ex wife's perfume from the heater vents..... Well it turns out, I bought my own car back. In a twist of fate, my wife had traded the Fiat in for a new BMW just days prior without my knowledge. I called her and we had a good laugh about it. I can hardly wrap my head around this case of serendipity. I wanted to get another 124 but as is often the case "sometime in the future" ... if it hadn't been for the one on display at my local dealership I would not had started looking into this and that happened just after my ex wife had traded hers in, also only because they offered her a great deal as she was not planning on getting a new car. A few days earlier and the car would have been sold or a few weeks later I would have settled into the "I'll look for one.. someday" routine. So now I got my old car back, she put less than 1500 kilometers on it while she had it, and I have a year warranty from the dealership as a bonus. :D I should have bought a lottery ticket at the same time, now that I think of it. :)
  14. Thanks. As for the influences... I don't know if it sounds like Friedman as I've never actively listened to him. Satriani...? I take that as a huge compliment, although I never was a huge fan. The guys I really listened to in depth are Lukather, Dann Huff and Richie Sambora, although none of those guys can be really heard in my playing. But those were my biggest influences, so I guess my lack of talent just left me with this style, trying to copy theirs. :) I got my vibrato from Lukather, worked hard in that one for years although I never really nailed it. But I succeeded in making my own interpretation of it. :) Anyway, I take your post as a huge compliment!! Thanks!
  15. Next single to be released in September.... which I will of course shamelessly promote on here again. ;)
  16. Thanks for digging up that picture Roy! :D Maybe you shoulda chosen one that shows our singer! ;)
  17. Not for this song. We're gonna make one for the single promoting the album which will be released in early 2021.
  18. Woohoooo! :D and I've been here for 9 years..... seems like I only found this place a few months ago. 8000 members is quite impressive. I remember back when we were like 200 of which hardly 30 were actively contributing. :)
  19. It was a used one that supposedly had been rebuilt. After a year of use I've had it rebuilt again by an ATSG transmission shop but it never worked like it should.
  20. As some of you may remember I am an practicing musician (guitarist). Our band Elysian Gates Recently released our newest single. it's available on all the usual platforms for streaming or download. it's also on Apple Music but I can't seem to post a link that is not limited to my country's store. Here are a few links where to find it. https://open.spotify.com/album/3HIS3DxXKaHNYhH5YItfi7 https://www.amazon.com/-/de/dp/B08BPJYD22/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Elysian+Gates&qid=1594898007&sr=8-3 and many more sites
  21. The AOD doesn't use the typical Ford type stuff the C4, C6etc use. It's Ford's version of Dextron ("Mercon", if I remember correctly)
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