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  1. I remembered after I posted this that I don't have the original style hood locks. I added the 60something Shelby style hood pins that are perfectly able to hold down the hood. Maybe that's why mine had dimples, as the base of these is much smaller so the pressure is not as widely spread as with the twist locks. I have never seen twist locks in real life, so I don't know if they are only for looks. :blush: Anyway, better to have the hood latch in place, I guess.
  2. Hi and ::welcome:: Looks like you've already done quite a lot of work on it. Keep it up!
  3. Although this is not related to the prep work or how to resolve the problem, I just wanted to give my two cents on the subject about fastening the lock too tight. Even if you adjust them so that they don't put any pressure on the hood, it will dimple as soon as you go fast on the freeway as the wind will try to push the hood open thus pushing it up against the locks or pins. I had that problem with mine. Usually the metal is flexible enough absorb this and will go back to it's original shape once you go slower. On mine, the dimples stayed, so I reinstalled the original hood lock and just keep the hood pins for looks. Anyway, as Q said, this should not cause cracks in the finish!
  4. Hi and ::welcome:: That's a nice color you got there!
  5. Please do that! That'd definitely be cool!
  6. Hi and ::welcome:: :worthlesswithoutpics: :D
  7. I thought the fenders were only an issue because of the 73 bumper. This one seems to have a 71-72 front bumper. Correct me if I'm wrong......
  8. Thanks! As you are in Germany, you are one of the few on this board that actually could come over and take the tour of the place! (Food for thought....... ;) )
  9. Not bad, but does it supply booze....? NO!:P It's Italian, so I'd be afraid it would break down any time you put a glass or a bowl of peanuts on top of it.:D
  10. Hi Manfred, I can't help you with the other details, but the 73 was the only one to have those "headlight doors". 71 & 72 did not have them. Good thing you are going back to the 71 grille.
  11. Imagine my surprise when I found all those after signing up! :D Until then I thought I had something special!:dodgy: ;)
  12. Ok, Update! Here it is now with the final glass top that I picked up today. Remember: the other one was only a makeshift solution while I waited for the glasser to get this one done.
  13. You just beat me to it. This morning I decided I was gonna ask about it after going through the new posts. This was the car that got me to sign up on the forum in the first place!
  14. I may be a little late, but.... ::welcome:: :D
  15. Yeah, I found those moldings in an Ebay store a while ago. Someone also had repros of the rear seat side trim panels for convertibles for sale. I haven't found those parts with any of usual suspects so far. The moldings are on my wishlist too, but I don't know about their quality either.
  16. Hi and ::welcome:: 72 Convertible..... good choice! ::thumb:: :D
  17. Congrats! I can imagine how you feel. New car day is better than the Easter Bunny bringing a Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving! :D
  18. If you look at mine, you'll see what a Medium Brown Metallic convertible looks in Corvette Yellow! ;) I really like that color on the Camaro by the way! Mopar had a color called "Tawny Brown", that's pretty cool.
  19. Yup, I forgot about the longer lugs. I went with spacers because I need to go back to the old Torq Thrust wheels now and then. (Legal Issues...) That way I can simply take off the adapters and use the regular lug nuts. I was also worried about the leverage on the longer lugs with the spacers. I dunno if that's an issue but it bugged me.
  20. Hi and ::welcome:: to the site!
  21. Hi, I did something similar, only with 18 inch rims. Maybe you wanna check out the thread I posted here: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-my-experiences-with-bigger-wheels You will have to use adapters, otherwise the wheels will not fit and if they did they would look pretty stupid. You need those that bolt to the car and have studs of their own to mount the wheels to. They look like this. The screws on the car are too short to allow for that big a spacer. The nut will not have enough thread to bite into and you're probably gonna kill yourself! :-/ I used 40mm with the rims having 35 (front rims) and 45 (rear) backspace. No issues, great handling even at high speed. Be very careful when measuring at the front. Watch carefully for upper control arm clearance as the edge of a 17 inch rim will be at the same height. The thread mentioned above holds a lot of info and if you have any more questions, just ask. Pm me if you like.
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