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  1. Ok, I'll admit right here and now, that the 69 sportsroof is my absolute favorite of all Mustangs (71-73 included) ! Now you may kick me........ ;)
  2. Hi Adrian, ::welcome:: to the forum. There are some Australians here, so you'll probably feel at home. Nice to have you aboard.
  3. Congrats Roy. "One small step......."::thumb:::banana:
  4. Hi John and ::welcome:: from Luxembourg!! Just next door, so to say. Nice car by the way!
  5. Hi Manfred, If you've seen my car, you can guess that I believe that less is more when it comes to chrome on our Mustangs. Like Rocketfoot said, those wheel opening moldings are prone to trap water. This being said, I think that sometimes they do look nice, depending on the color and the overall appearance of the car. But the door edge guards just ruin the lines of the car. All the body lines are horizontal and the door edge guards will be the only ones running vertically, thus visually cutting the side of the car in two. So, my opinion is: wheel opening moldings maybe, but door edge guards big no-no. But that's just me. In the end you should do what you like best.
  6. Hi Robert and ::welcome:: from Luxembourg/Europe Is that color medium brown metallic (5H)?
  7. Ouch! Imagine you turn it on and drive to work with the radio playing when all of a sudden: "Newsflash! We interrupt our program for some very important news. NASA experts have sighted what appears to be a dishwasher in orbit around the moon. The scientist in charge of the situation was quoted saying that chances are that it has been there for a quite while as remnants of early seventies industrial workmanship are surrounding it. As of this morning no further information has been released. We keep you up to date as soon as we know something new...." :D
  8. Ok, here we go....: :udaman: Flatback72... :D
  9. Sorry xoliex, don't wanna hijack your thread! Yup, that's how it works. I took two pics of my setup. It's really a no brainer. Takes 5 minutes to install. Mine is just a metal rod with a circular end through which the spring goes. I remember we had those little rods on door latches on the shed in the garden when I was a kid. The Mustangs Unlimited one is a little more elegant, but the effect is exactly the same. Now, if you wanna be on the safe side, you could have this little thingy to lock it, so nobody can twist it off and add a security cable so you won't leave it at the gas station. That should take care of it. :-)
  10. Yeah, gas caps.... To keep mine from getting stolen, I removed the top screw on the fuel pipe and inserted a metal pin fixed by a spring and drilled a small hole into the back of the gas cap. That way the pin holds the gas cap in place and the cap can only be removed if the pin is pulled back from inside the trunk. Works like a charm. Recently I've seen that somebody actually makes this stuff for sale. The spring and the fastening are different but the idea and the way the pin works are the same. Here's the link: http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=C90J30H+01 Doesn't help if you forget to put the cap back on though..! In that case I think cables or pop open cap can't be beaten!
  11. Must be the Sprint, who cares about cherry blossoms? :D Actually I never had anybody bow before my car! (Left of pic!!) Priceless!
  12. Hi and ::welcome:: from Luxembourg/Europe! Nice car!
  13. By the way, mine originally had the 302 but had competition suspension as an option and still had an 8" rear, though with Optional Axle Ratio and Traction-Lok Differential......
  14. Hi Steve and ::welcome:: Nice to have you here. Blue and argent rocks!!!::thumb:: I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures!
  15. OK, so I suppose the questions has anybody done a writeup on how to get the cluster out? I know there are 4 small bolts on the front edge. How much is there after that? As Musty wrote just above this post, it is no big deal getting the cluster out. It is some fiddling though. I have the grant wood steering wheel and did not need to take it off, but it was a tight fit. I had to unplug the alternator socket with the instrument cluster in place as that one is connected to a separate cable. I don't know whether this is stock or not, because some previous owner had messed around behind the dash. If the cluster doesn't move check this first. Once you have it out, I recommend some tweaking for maximum gain from the new LEDs. Check this link, where I posted this info, so I don't need to hijack this thread: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-dark-instrument-lights?pid=11817#pid11817 It's really no big deal, as I was able to pull it off all by myself, without breaking anything or hurting anyone! :D
  16. Hi Don, Yeah that's a good one. Plus it gets rid of the problem that the headlights might start to go on and off because of an old headlight switch ( especially when using the high beams). Even my new aftermarket switch did this. Sucks when that happens at 90 mph on a dark country road. "Now you see (me), now you don't!"
  17. Awh, man, I did this and put them back in just yesterday. Had I known, there was gonna be a tutorial, I woulda waited a day or two. Thanx again for answering my question about the way the gasket goes on. I found the hardest part was getting the rest of the old gaskets and the glue off the housings. That took an awful lot of time. Painted my reflectors a satin white. Just like Ole Pony said, it makes for a very even glow without any highlights in the reflection. But I did take before and after pics. So in addition to Ole Ponys post pre pic here they are. This is what they looked like after cleaning them. Notice the difference in color between the two: This after the paint: Oh, by the way, for the initial cleaning I used this very handy device which was designed for this exact application. This is a great tool that everybody should have, the "ACME Headlight Reflector Cleaner 2000"! Works like a charm!:D When not in use, the wife likes to put the dishes in which works surprisingly well too! (I'll probably get my butt kicked, if she ever sees this!:s)
  18. They did come with 8" rear axles from the factory. Mine has an 8" that is fully original.
  19. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! By the way I love that avatar of yours!!::thumb:: I put my taillights back on the car with the new gaskets. (Thanx Qcode351mach) Hope there will be no more water in the trunk behind the taillights after washing the car. While I was at it, I cleaned the reflectors and painted them in flat white, so that they shine a little bit brighter.
  20. Funny, the result doesn't look much worse than what they started with.:D Man ,that made my day! I see those plastic toy cars every day, looking like they could fly with all those wings. Trouble is, that the puny 1.6l engine those things usually have here is hardly strong enough to accelerate the car itself, let alone the added weight of the bodykits, doomsday stereo systems and the rest of the wannabe racers stuff! The best thing is always the exhaust that offers so much flow that the cars torque tends to zero, making them even lamer than the were in the beginning. Besides they still sound like a fart in an empty bathtub! :D
  21. +1 on the post above!!!! :D
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