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  1. They did come with 8" rear axles from the factory. Mine has an 8" that is fully original.
  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! By the way I love that avatar of yours!!::thumb:: I put my taillights back on the car with the new gaskets. (Thanx Qcode351mach) Hope there will be no more water in the trunk behind the taillights after washing the car. While I was at it, I cleaned the reflectors and painted them in flat white, so that they shine a little bit brighter.
  3. Funny, the result doesn't look much worse than what they started with.:D Man ,that made my day! I see those plastic toy cars every day, looking like they could fly with all those wings. Trouble is, that the puny 1.6l engine those things usually have here is hardly strong enough to accelerate the car itself, let alone the added weight of the bodykits, doomsday stereo systems and the rest of the wannabe racers stuff! The best thing is always the exhaust that offers so much flow that the cars torque tends to zero, making them even lamer than the were in the beginning. Besides they still sound like a fart in an empty bathtub! :D
  4. +1 on the post above!!!! :D
  5. Now that's a good one! Too bad it didn't work. But still very imaginative! Rocketfoot pulled a good one on me. Declared my car winner of the COTM Feature! For a moment I fell for it! :D rofl Or did he...?;)
  6. Ohmygodohmygod....First of all I want to thank my family (sniff) and my fans (sniff) and, ohmygod, (gulp,sniff)........ Uhm, wait! Sorry, wrong text! That one was for the Oscars! :D Now, all BS aside, I wanna thank you guys for voting as well as for you all being a bunch of nice people that make this forum an exceptionally comfy place. No ego trips, no "everybody's car sucks except mine and I'm the only one blessed with knowledge" and such! Unfortunately you see a lot of that on other forums. Let's hope it stays that way! Yeah yellow convertibles rule! ::chili:::P Funny thing though: When I decided to have it painted yellow, everybody asked me if I was completely out of my mind. 6 years later I join this forum and there are yellow Mustangs everywhere! :cool: What happened?!? :huh:
  7. Hi and ::welcome:: I kinda like the flame job on your Mustang. Yours is the second Mustang with flames this week! Just when I though you wouldn't see those anymore.:D
  8. Hi and ::welcome:: Like I told Steven Harris, when he signed up, I love Arizona. Spent my vacation there in November 2008 and immediately fell in love with the place! Nice to have you on the forum. Did anybody ask for pictures? :angel:
  9. Hi and ::welcome:: I guess for 800$ you can't do anything wrong.... :)
  10. Started to replace the body to taillight housing gaskets by removing the taillights and taking them apart. I will refinish the housings inside and out, while I'm at it. I ran into a little problem which I posted here: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-taillight-to-body-gasket-which-way-do-i-put-on Any suggestions?
  11. Hi guys, I got a question concerning the gaskets sealing the body to the taillight housing. Which side goes to the body and which side is the one that goes to the housing? Here are some pics. First one is a top view: This is one side reading "DC": This is the other side with no markings whatsoever: My guess would be the "DC"-side is the body side, but my guesses have so often been wrong in the past, that I'm open to suggestions! ;)
  12. Now that's a good idea! Looking forward to see painted and installed.
  13. That "rough fit" bumper indeed looks better than mine after hours of adjusting! :dodgy: You really got my attention regarding that grille of yours! Now that's something you got me curious about!
  14. Thanks Jeff! I think it looks a little too horizontal on the sides. It's hardly lower than the valance itself. Yesterday I c-clamped it into the position it is supposed to be. It's not that big a difference but still... The slightly steeper angle makes a difference. But unfortunately the old mounting holes will be visible and I don't feel like taking it to the bodyshop to have them welded shut and the valance repainted. It just has to make do, I guess. Who knows, maybe I need to take it to the bodyshop sooner than I want, given that I use it as a daily driver most of the time.....:s
  15. The downside of this is you gotta remember that you are putting the wheel bearings under enormous stress with those as the spacers cause an increased leverage effect.
  16. Hi Matt and ::welcome:: I don't mind the flames. Kinda like them..... :) Reminds me when I was young.
  17. Yup, I was right. Mine isn't mounted correctly! I'll see if it still covers the existing mounting holes if I mount it further back. Wish me luck! :(
  18. I only want to bump this thread because it's too good to get lost.......
  19. Hi Michael and welcome! This is a cool place. It's actually the only forum I wanna check new posts every day. Bunch of nice people here. :-)
  20. Hi Alan, depends on what you want it to look like. If you scroll down to middle of this page http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-dark-instrument-lights?pid=12164#pid12164 you'll see what white LEDs look like with the original old filters. The hue is almost exactly like in reality, the pic captures it really well. If you want this color without the filters you should get blue ones. If you want the greenish light that we all are used to with our ancient light bulbs, then there are LEDs that replicate that too. Check different suppliers, as I remember that some had colors that others didn't have.
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