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  1. watched snow blow onto the car as my son shovelled the driveway....couldn't watch anymore so I had to close the garage door!! rofl


    I love work! I could watch people work all day!:D



    As for what I did to the car: I drove it to work this morning and I'm waiting for noon so I can drive it back home again! :-)

  2. I heard mid life starts a 40. I got one more year:cool:


    Dude...I'm already there! Turned 40 last February! :(



    Count me in. For me it was January.....


    When my midlife crisis settles in, I will grow my hair, play guitar in a rock band, marry a blonde and buy a classic convertible.........



    AAAHHHH! NO! I already have all that! What am I supposed to do!?!? AAARGH!rofl

    I'm screwed! Guess I'll have to skip that crisis thing and just grow old. Or maybe it's time to finally grow up?::tease::


  3. Hi Sanborn and ::welcome::





    Is there a good source for power window switch parts? Several of mine are broken where the chrome tab sits. I've no luck finding parts.



    I have exactly the same problem. Been looking for those parts for half an eternity but they're hard to find. I think they're made of Unobtanium.

    Good luck in finding those!


    Nice choice of color, by the way!!!





  4. Hi Bill,

    72 convertible... Nice choice! ::thumb::


    Is that "Medium brown metallic" (5H)? If yes, then your car looks just like mine when it was original. 72 vert, color 5H, white top, appearance protection group! :-)


    Nice to have you here!

  5. Hi Roy.

    Nice choice on wheels!


    Now for that size up front: I have 18s all around, but I would change to 17 for the front wheels if I were to buy new ones.

    Reason is, the front wheel wells are smaller than those at the rear. This makes the front wheels look bigger than the rear ones, although they are the same size. The smaller the sidewall of the tires, the bigger the effect.


  6. Hi Ken,

    My two cents: Magnum 500. Not that I mind the idea of 17 inch rims, but the GT wheel just doesn't look right on the car. Completely wrong style of wheel.


    Be careful, if you go for the 17 inch Magnum 500 though. The ones I have seen look somewhat wrong in terms of proportions. They have the center like the 15 inch and only the rim well has a step in it to extend it to 17 inch. Looks weird in my opinion.



  7. Hi and ::welcome:: to the community.

    Remember: 65-70 Mustangs are secretary cars (Except for the 69 Sportsroof)! :D

    Plus they're all over the place. Go try and find a good 71-73, though....

  8. Hi Taylor,

    Unfortunately I don't know either, because I had mine replaced when the car was at the body shop for the paint.

    I'd like to know too, as I was planning to maybe go back to a white top instead of the black.

    Let's hope somebody will chime in with their experience.

  9. Congrats!

    It's always a great feeling to take on e big step forward, like getting it back on its wheels.

    Nice choice there (though I would prefer the black, but that's just me).

    One question though: Is the rotation of the wheels correct? Looks like the tread runs backwards, or is that how it's supposed to be?

  10. They do mount in front of the shock towers, right above the distributor.


    You may run into clearance problems because of the distributor.


    At least, that's what happened with mine.

    When I had the original 302 in the car, the monte carlo bar would have to be pressed tightly in between the cables on the distributor cap so there was no way I could pull them off the cap with the bar in place. Taking the distributor cap off was completely out of question without removing the m c bar.

    Now with the 351 and the Duraspark distributor it is simply impossible to even get the bar into the car.

    So I never put it in, though I'd love to use it.

    Did anybody else have those problems? As far as I know, there is only the straight one available for our Mustangs or has anybody seen another type of bar?

    Not wanting to hijack the thread, but while we're at it.........


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