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  1. Hi Ed, A warm ::welcome:: ! Enjoy the site!
  2. Go for it! Join the club! :D Why isn't there a long haired smilie anyway?!?
  3. My first post in this thread. :-) Today I went and picked up my radiator from the shop where I had it repaired. Get this: A new heavy duty aluminum radiator from Summit, bought two years ago.... and the damn thing starts leaking in 2(!) places after 2 years of use!?! Well make that less than one year, as the car sits still over the winter months, so it is not constantly in use. Plus the guys at the shop told me that it won't probably be long before it starts leaking in new places. I'm not happy! End of rant!
  4. Could the trapdoor be the lid of the glove box? Maybe? I dunno. I had a similar problem on mine. A very annoying sharp rattle on the passenger side. With mine it was a little area of the inner door panel rubbing against the dashboard. (That vertical panel that is "at the end" of the dashboard). I rubbed some household soap on it and it was gone. It could also be the dash pad that came a little loose and is now moving. Such things are always hard to figure out, especially from a distance. Best is to proceed by trial and error. Have a passenger hold the door slightly open when you drive. If the rattling stops, it's the door rubbing somewhere, if it doesn't stop.... well, at least you know what is NOT causing the problem. Remove the dash pad and drive, and so on. Narrow it down. That's how I found the problem. Good luck!
  5. That pic is priceless! :-) I don't think he's wondering about bending the chassis but whether or not he will stay in orbit around the moon after the jump. rofl
  6. I love the pickup! By the way the red Wagon in the top row on the right was for sale on Ebay a few weeks ago. Somewhere in Florida.
  7. Nope, her claws have not been clipped. I guess she knows I'll have her hide if she scratches that finish! :-) I actually do from time to time, but it's been a while. Guess what I'm gonna do right now? :D
  8. Hi there and welcome, Who needs factory correct by the way? :-)
  9. Thanx Rocket, :udaman: Does anybody know, where these scenes originally came from? They're obviously from an old movie (except for the close ups of the cat and the dog, of course...). By the way, my cat loves to sit or sleep in (or on top of) the Mustang. Maybe it's because I named her "Shelby". :-)
  10. I wouldn't have phrased it in such a forthright manner, but bottom line is..... you're right! :D
  11. Yeah same thing here! That sucks. I wonder why that happens with some clips! Do they think I could overthrow society and take over the world, if I was able to watch it. Or what IS their problem? :@
  12. That's really nice! There are some beautiful wagons out there based on 65-68 cars, but I've never seen a 71-73. By the way, that's some great talent with photo editing software you're showing here! Respect!::goodjob::
  13. Hallo Spechti, Nice to have you on this forum too. We have crossed path on Dr Mustang already (71mustang). :D A warm welcome from your neighbor in Luxembourg! ::welcome::
  14. Hi, This is just my personal taste, but I think that the whole thing will be too busy, considering the rim already has five spokes and then you put the spinner with 3 blades on top of them. I like spinners on plain wheels like the Cragar Quick Trick for example but those 5 spoke rims have a classic, straight, no nonsense design, I would stick with the stock caps. Looks more race and less bling. But as I said, that's me. If you like it go for it! :-)
  15. Sometimes the guys at Australian Customs let alcohol through, but only when they are too drunk themselves to notice. That's about only about 30 percent of the time so the odds aren't great........ Empties huh, there'd be no law against that! I tell you what, if you did feel like shooting a sixpack my way I could reimburse you the cost of the beer and postage through Paypal; if the caps were removed carefully without bending them too much I could refill the bottles and recap them over here. And because I'd be paying the costs you could drink the beer yourself and get half drunk at my expense! ::chili:: Brett Hi Brett, You got PM.
  16. Thanks for the offer Luxstang, but I think there's a whole lot of customs issues with importing alcoholic beverages :-/ I don't think Benderbrau beer really exists, but a bit of nice artwork here which could be printed and attached to a beer bottle for nice effect: Thanx for the links. I might do just that,print it and stick it to a bottle. :-) Hmm, I can imagine that customs believe there is no need for even more alcohol in Australia! :-) What about empty bottles? That should work, shouldn't it?
  17. Hi, I really like this C stripe design on the car. And I think the wheels look great. Had anyone told me to put smoothies on a 71-73 Mustang I would have said "no way"! But they sure look good! ::thumb::
  18. ::welcome:: Another yellow one? :D
  19. Eric, Thank you for that post. That actually might be the back door. Funny though, as especially in Germany they are going nuts over everything even remotely connected to copyright. Some scan or programs for burning CDs on the computer even have some restrictions if you install them in German because of their strict copyright laws.... Weird! Now for that "Benderbräu"...... Where?!? Gotta have it! dancebanana Yeah, that's just why I bought it. Seems like we're acting just they way they planned! :-) If I remember well, it is not allowed to send food and beverage to Australia, or is it? Otherwise, I might grab a six pack and send it to you......:whistling:
  20. Yeah, but what I don't understand is that these guys seem to get away with it. I mean let's face it, the Australian Duff has only the name, but this here has the logo, the fonts, the whole "corporate identity" of the Simpson's Duff beer. (It doesn't however mention the Simpsons or Matt Groening or anything like that on the labels.) When they could make the Australian maker stop production only because of the name, then these guys here are really lucking out! I bought this, because I am a huge fan of the Simpsons, but honestly I think it sucks to jump on that bandwagon and "steal" and market a product that you have no relation to at all. Plus it has to become an immediate success, as the brand name and look is well known and has been "promoted" by others. I think I'll brew some "Slurm" and sell it......... :dodgy:
  21. Guess what I bought yesterday at the gas station? A German brewery makes and distributes this. Seems like Fox tried to sue them but they were out of luck. I am no beer drinker, but it will look nice on a shelve in the garage.
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