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  1. I'm no expert on this, but I read somewhere that Ford adopted the Shelby drop for the suspension of the 71-73 Mustang. A factory Shelby drop if you want.
  2. Just a small anecdote: Last summer I was sitting in a parking lot, waiting for my wife, when I saw (and heard) 3 guys with their ricers revving their engines trying to determine whose was .. let's say closest to sounding like a real car!! So after listening to their plastic cars making all those poop noises, I thought it was time to teach them a lesson. I turned on my Mustang's engine and let it idle for a few seconds, just to get their attention.... Then I revved it for about 5 seconds and watched them as they immediately killed their engines and started talking about something else! rofl I got headers and Edelbrock mufflers, so it's baaad once you rev it over 4000rpm. :cool: Then, after my wife was in the car, I let the Mustang roll past them, idling in "D" without touching the accelerator. They looked like they were gonna salute!::laugh:: But, getting back to the topic, what I really like to do is passing cars on the freeway. My Mustang accelerates really well between 50 and 100 mph, so when I'm in the left lane and there is somebody in front of me going, let's say, 75 I hit the gas pedal as soon as he pulls into the left lane. I just love it when it looks like he's going in reverse. The look on their faces in the rear-view mirror is priceless! :-) (I had to edit it, as I messed up km/h and mph. Otherwise it hardly makes sense!)
  3. Hello Masshysteria ::welcome:: :worthlesswithoutpics:
  4. Hi Brett, Cool way to introduce yourself with such a tutorial!
  5. Hi Steve, ::welcome::
  6. Hi and welcome from Luxembourg/Europe! I like to call those loud boomboom stereo systems "window probellers". :-)
  7. Hi George ::welcome::
  8. Hi, lemme be the first to welcome you! :-) ::welcome::
  9. I really like the looks of your AMX rims on the car. It was the first thing that got my attention. Looks classic and classy! I used to have Centerlines on mine. I love those on Mopars, and had to have them but somehow I didn't dig the look on my Mustang. If you scroll down on my submission to the Car of the Month feature, you'll find a pic of the car before it was restored with the Centerlines on. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-yellow-72-convertible
  10. Thanx. Sending a pm to rocketfoot was my first idea, but then I thought why bother him with pm when the subject has probably been covered before. So, I guess I need to bother him anyway.
  11. Hi Steven ::welcome:: That's a nice story. Hmmm, southern Arizona. We spent our vacation there in November 2008 and we loved it!! Good to have you aboard.
  12. Hi folks, This subject has probably been answered before, but I searched in the faqs and everywhere I could think of and I am none the wiser. How do you guys add that white button in your signature that says "visit my garage" or something similar and that links to.... your garage!?:huh: As you can see, I put the link in my sig, but that does not seem to be the way to go. Please enlighten me! Thanx!
  13. Mustang project also sells the pint for your guage needles.I did mine. Yeah, I know. I shoulda gotten that stuff too, but I was being cheap (again) and I knew that I had that orange paint left. (Wasn't expecting it to have dried though). :D
  14. Hi and welcome. Count me in on that one. Mine has power windows too and the thing that holds the 5 toggle switches is broken. Nice to know I have competition in the quest for those parts! :-) Oh, and thanks for the "like"! ;)
  15. Hi Bill, Welcome to this beautiful place! Nice cars.
  16. The pointers are the original color. I wanted to use orange Revell Model Paint but first I couldn't find a small brush and when I finally went and bought one, I opened the can and the paint was completely dry. So I decided to skip it. :P Those things usually happen when I try to do something. I'm getting used to it.:D
  17. LEDs are the way to go. And, as you are taking everything apart, you may wanna paint the inside of the instrument cluster in satin (flat) white. The plastic turns yellow with age and does not reflect the light as well as it is supposed to. Be sure to use satin white as bright white paint somehow does not reflect light as well as satin white, for what ever reason. While you're at it: The black rings that you find around the faces of all three gauges should have their backs painted white too. The reason is, they wrap around the side of the faces and absorb some of the light that comes from behind the gauges. That way you are not only using brighter light sources but you get maximum gain from them. This is what the white LEDs look like with the old stock blue reflector caps : By the way, on the picture you can clearly see the reflection from the white backs of the rings on the faces of the gauges. That really makes a huge difference! The green tint we're all used to see is due to the interaction of the yellowish light emitted by the standard bulbs and the blue filters. These are the normal LEDs from Mustang Project. Although these are a great improvement, I would use the extra bright ones, if I was to do it again. That way I could dim the lights a little and have a little "extra" if need be. I still have the regulator turned all the way up. As somebody posted above, they are a standard replacement. All you need to make sure, is that they have to be inserted the right way. Otherwise they will not work. I took the trial and error way and it worked fine. Anyway, they are so bright that you can clearly see the blue light even in a lit up underground parking, which is a great improvement!
  18. As I mentioned being a guitar player..... http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-shotgun-blues http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-clips-of-my-band-s-gig http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-another-video-of-pilli-pilli
  19. Hi Don, In the summer I use mine almost as a daily driver. Almost means as often as possible, unless I know it's gonna rain heavily. I drive it to work and to get groceries and even go on vacation with it. I make about 6000-9000 miles a year (April - October) with it.
  20. Hi everyone, As the title says it, I finally found the time yesterday to put some pics and info in my "garage". Check it out! :banana:
  21. Hi Uwe, Unfortunately my job only gives me one weekend off per month, so I don't get much opportunity for car shows. One I always try to attend is the "Street Mag Show" in Hamburg, as it is both a great show and a nice trip with the wife to one the most beautiful cities in Germany. (And my car was featured in the Street magazine last year!) :D I always wanted to go to the "Dr Mustang" show, but I never got around to it. Maybe this year, who knows.... Hope we meet someday!
  22. Hallo Uwe, ::welcome:: Greetings from a neighbor in Luxembourg! :-) I think you'll like it here.
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