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  1. Hi Doc, I can only recommend them. It really makes a big difference. But you may wanna go for the extra bright ones. I got the standard ones (they already are much brighter than the stock bulbs) and I still have to turn them all the way up. They are bright enough, though I'd like to have some "extra volume" left if need be. Oh, by the way, these are the white LEDs with the stock internal gauge filter lenses. With the pure white LED light instead of the yellow tint emitted by the old light bulbs, the light is actually that blue.
  2. My 72 convertible originally came with 5H Medium Brown Metallic Paint, Ford #3564-A. When I got it, it was red with orange peel and runners. :-( That one does NOT count!! Now it is Corvette yellow. (Yeah, I know, Corvette and all, but I liked the color!:whistling: )
  3. Yeah! That's a nice thing to read! ::thumb:: I agree that as far as Mustangs are concerned the 71-73 are the best looking convertibles. More important: I think that they are the only ones that really look good with the top up. In fact I actually prefer the "closed" look on mine. I love that shape of the "C-pillar" the top has. Looks like a mean Muscle car coupe. Most verts, regardless of make or model look like a compromise with the tops up, imho. Somehow you can see that they were meant to stay open and that the closed top is just a temporary thing. The 71-73 doesn't have that problem.
  4. Yup, sure have. Mine got that too, as it was an export model for Europe. Here's mine illuminated by the new LEDs.
  5. I dunno.... Though I really like the sequential taillights on other Mustangs (or Shelbys) I don't think it makes much sense on the 71-73 Mustangs, as it skips the lens in the middle. That way it simply doesn't "flow". Just my two cents though.
  6. Thanks, I'm happy you like it! Well, now that you ask, I notice that I have forgotten to post this. When you turn to the right, there is no problem at all, but when you turn left, the tire scrapes on the frame rail. The funny thing is that it did this, even with te 15x7 Torq Thrust rims. Interesting thing, I know of two other 71s, that do the exact same thing. The one on the right clears, the left one scrapes on the frame. This never happens under actual driving conditions, not even when you maneuver into a parking space. It only happens when you fully turn the wheel when the car is standing. Strange.... I don't even think that it is a issue with backspacing. I believe it to be related to the fact that the overall diameter of the wheel is bigger than factory stock. Your wheel is 1.3inches smaller in diameter, so it should be about the stock size.... I guess that might be my problem. I will try and go the way of either a smaller aspect ratio (which I will probably not like look wise, because it is too "modern") or maybe get a 17 inch wheel for the front, as I want to lower the car further and there is not enough clearance to the fenders for going any lower. So my advice, if you wanna be on the safe side: get a 9 if want, but don't let the wheel diameter get too big.
  7. Ok, here we go: New gaskets for the taillight and side markers, new deluxe door panels (white), complete exhaust system and a pair of shorty headers. Plus the usual small stuff... So much for keeping my bank account reasonably balanced. :s
  8. Hi, Welcome aboard. Like mach71351c said: I like the black trim on your car. Makes it look kinda modern and "mean". Nice car!
  9. Hi Ben, ::welcome:: This is quite a cozy place. Hope you'll enjoy it here.
  10. Will do, but it may take a few days. Probably the beginning of next week. Do you mean the distance from the tire's tread to the rocker panel area or from the back of the tire to the wheel well? Yours looks cool by the way! Is that a 10x15 Mag on the rear axle? I wouldn't know about having the wheels widened or modified, as I haven't heard of a firm here in Europe that offers such services. If there is one, the whole process would most certainly be more expensive than a new set of wheels. The good thing about spacers is that by carefully choosing their size you can position the wheel right where you want it in the wheel houses.
  11. It is a real improvement! The car feels and handles almost like a new car. The steering is tight and on the spot, the ride's really smooth and it corners like it's on rails. Ground adherence is superior. And as I often travel on German Autobahns, I often push her up to about 110-120mph and she still rides smoothly and feels safe. I always had issues driving in the rain, because I wanted to have those almost period correct RWL tires. With the Coopers driving in the rain was almost like driving on ice. With the modern Toyo Proxes tires there is no difference between dry or wet roads. That is the most important thing for me. Yup, here it is: This is lowered with the 620 lbs, one inch lower coils. It still sits too high to look good!
  12. Ok, as the subject has shown up on several threads and somebody asked me if I’d had any issues running bigger wheels on the Mustang, I decided I would post some of my experiences. I converted all the measures I took from metric to inches using an online converter. So, while I hope the numbers are accurate, there is no guaranty. (Remember: We Europeans use the metric system, which is why a Quarterpounder is called a “Royal with Cheese“!):cool: As for my car, it has been lowered about an inch using the shorter Mustangs Unlimited front springs (the blue ones) and rear leaf springs with a shallower arc. The fenders are stock, no rolling or other alterations. My Mustang originally came equipped with Mag 500 rims and F60x15 tires. Now, I’d be glad if somebody could provide me with more input on this one, but I’ve been told that, converted to the new metric sizes, this is somewhere in between 225/60/15 and 235/60/15. I used to have 255/60/15 on American Racing Torq Thrust rims with the standard -6 offset. Suppose the above info is correct, then these tires were about 3,6 cm (1,3 inches) larger in diameter than the stock tires. There were no problems with running those on all 4 wheels. A while ago, I switched to 18 Inch OE Bullet wheels intended for late model Mustangs. 9x18 for the front wheels with a 255/45/18 tire and 10x18 rims on the rear axle with 285/40/18 tires. These two sizes provide the same overall wheel diameter which is by the way the same as the one for the 255/60/15. (Again about 3,6 cm/1,3inches bigger than stock) This is what it looks like on the car: EDIT: this particular picture was taken before the car was lowered, still with the bigger tires up front. Check further down for the update.! The rear 10x18 rims feature a 45mm offset and a 19cm (7,48 inch) backspacing. I use 45mm spacers on these rims, so I basically eliminated the offset. So we can say we got a 0 offset wheel with a 13, 5cm (5,32inch) backspace. (19cm-45mm=13,5cm). With this setup, the distance between the rear lip of the wheel and the leaf spring is 6cm (2,36 inch). The clearance to the steel mounting for the axle rebound bumper is a little smaller. Unfortunately I was not able to measure it exactly, but it was at least 1,6 inches from the wheel. Then there is always the possibility of trimming the outboard edge of it. Based on this info, it is pretty safe to assume that even a rim with a 7 inch backspace could be used (Trimming of the edge of the rebound bumper mounting may be necessary). Remember the fenders on my car have not been rolled. With rolled fenders, I guess that it should be possible to get a 12 inch rim in there. (That’s an estimate! Don’t nail me on that one!) So much for the rear wheels. Now, up front things look a little less optimistic. Here I have a 9x18 wheel with a 35mm offset and a 16cm (6,3inch) backspace. The spacers are 40mm, giving us a -5 offset. So in theory we have -5 offset rim with 4,72 Inches of backspacing. (Again backspace of the rim minus spacer) . With this setup, the wheel just barely clears the upper control arm. I could not measure it, but I could barely squeeze my little finger diagonally in between the wheel and the upper control arm. It's a little hard to see on the pic, but you can see that the upper control arm protrudes into the space inside of the rim. A 17 inch wheel with the same offset and backspacing would not fit!!!! It would rub against the upper control arm, whereas the 18 inch rim clears it by fractions of an inch because of it’s greater diameter. Even on the 18 Inch rim, the 4,72inch backspacing (with offset-5) is the max you can go, because again it would hit the upper part of the upper control arm. If you use a wheel with no offset whatsoever, don’t go larger than 4,5 backspacing or make sure you got enough fender clearance on the outside, so you can put a spacer between the car and the wheel! With this setup fender clearance is no problem. Remember the car is about 1 inch lower than stock and the fenders have not been rolled. In order to lower the car further you'd have to roll the fenders or reduce the diameter of the front wheels by using a lower aspect ratio on the tires so they match the original size. To me that was not an option, as I do not like the modern "low profile" look on vintage cars. I think this setup has enough rubber showing so it doesn't look like "Pimp My Ride". On the rear axle there is no problem lowering the car, as there is enough room for it. I hope this helps when you plan on going for bigger wheels. Important: This is, what I measured on MY car with MY wheels. This information is only meant as a guide line and I will not guarantee that it is the same on all cars. Same goes for the metric to inch conversion. As I said, I used an online converter and while I hope it converted correctly, please don't take it for granted! I posted the metric measurements, so, when in doubt, make your own conversions!
  13. You mean breathing being yellow? Yeah, I kinda liked it in the beginning, but then I got bored with it and meanwhile I have refinished the grille and the front spoiler in matte black...... Only when you promise you won't park the car near a shoe store..... :D
  14. Rocketfoot, I bow my thanks. For years I've been trying to explain to my teenage cousins that their passing themselves off as DJs does not mean they're musicians and that it is not anywhere near performing a gig with a band and they always tell me I'm wrong. (I've been a musician for 20 some years and before that was a DJ for 2 years, so.....) And then, out of the blue, you step into the picture and make my day!!! I hereby officially withdraw my aforementioned request and dispense you from singing duty! ::thumb::
  15. +1 for Rocketfoot singing the tunes!!! I have access to the player but it won't play any tunes. I simply says, that "due to licensing BS some or all tunes listed may not be for bla bla... in your country" I can send you some breath mints to loosen up your vocal cords! :D
  16. I knew it was coming sooner or later! :-) I mean, come on, I read this complete thing on the German forum and I read it all again on this one..... Abudi rules! ::thumb::
  17. Hi everyone, I just thought that I could post a link to German online magazine by the name of "Americar". They did a feature on my Mustang a few years ago with lots of pics taken by a professional photographer. (And it made overall 2nd place in the reader's poll a few months later!dancebanana) There are some things that have changed on the car since then, but I thought I'd share it anyway. Back then the car still ran on 7x15 American Racing Torq Thrust rims with white lettered 255/60/15 (now it has 18 inch rims), it still had the small aftermarket hood scoop (replaced by a 1969 Mach1 scoop) and the center floor console was missing, as I was not done restoring it when the pictures where taken. Plus it still had the original 302 under the hood, that had to make room for a Ford Racing 351w about a year ago. But the two things that make the car really look much different from it's current state is the yellow grille and front spoiler that have meanwhile been refinished in matte black. Here's the link: http://www.americar.de/galerie/id=358/start=0 Oh, the blonde is my wife and the long haired guy that unfortunately looks like a pimp on that particular photo is me. I coulda kicked him for posting that one! :@
  18. Don't be jealous. That haircut (or the lack of it) always makes me wanna reconsider the idea of driving a convertible. Without a hat I simply can't see where I'm going! :dodgy: I still think some 80ies hair metal bands were cool, though! :-)
  19. @71BossPrototype: I loved that video. Thanx! So sticking to the subject, lemme post this picture of me, while I still can. I'll be forty years old at the end of the month, so I guess I need to adapt my lyrics too! :-) Here we go:
  20. Here in Luxembourg it is midnight!!!! So I want to wish all you people on this forum a very happy new year! Mike
  21. it is the right word, sounds interesting any of the high speed trains? Hi, No, we don't have high speed trains in Luxembourg. As you probably know, our country measures only about 50 miles in length and about 34 miles in width, so there is hardly enough room to accelerate, let alone brake a high speed train on spot! :-) We actually do have the French TGV coming into Luxembourg City, but it does not travel at it's normal speed of about 186mph (300km/h) as it takes special tracks to do that and we don't have them. Plus it only travels about 12 miles on our turf from the french border to the Capital (going approx. 80 mph). But I am not dealing with those. I am sitting at a small station on a dead end track, so I guess I'm pretty much taking it easy. :-)
  22. Cool! What kind of music do your bands primarily play? Doc I used to play in a lotta bands over the last 20 years, most of them rock bands, some of them very blues based. (Think "ZZTop, CCR" etc) I also did some "Top 40" stuff, which is what we call bands that get hired to play covers of classic rock and pop songs and the top 40 stuff that is in the charts at that given time. Those are for dance nights on weekends (also New Year's Eve, Carnival, corporate parties etc). Those are a lot of work, as it goes for about 5 hours without a break and you gotta switch styles continuously. ( From Dr Alban to ZZTop in 5 minutes...!) Right now, I play in two bands, as I mentioned before. One is a rock band where we play mostly our own material and do one or two covers just for the fun of it. (Called "Pilli Pilli") The other band is my "baby". It is a tribute band to Melissa Etheridge, where we obviously only play Melissa's songs. It's named "Little Secret" after the hit album from the nineties. That one is really great fun, mostly Telecasters and vintage Fender amps. (The guitarholics know what I'm talking about!) As our singer doesn't play guitar, I get to play a lot of the 12 string acoustic too.
  23. Hey there are quite a few musicians here! I am a dedicated guitar player and over the last 20 years became something like a collector. I have about 20 guitars (some of'em vintage like the the 64 Stratocaster or otherwise collectible) and a cellar full of amps and stuff and I play with two bands. This being said, I gotta log off, as it is time to pick up our singer and drive to a rehearsal...... Gotta feed that tinnitus! :-)
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