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  1. I am a dispatcher and signaller with the railway company. I control and organize train movements from a central operator console. I hope dispatcher is the right term.....
  2. Herzlich Willkommen! ::welcome:: Looks like most of the 71-73 owners from the German forum are signing up! Regards, Mike
  3. It's fun reading your stories! :-) Mine is pretty lame in comparison. I simply found my car in the local classifieds. It was sitting only about a 20 minute drive from where I used to live. It belonged to a 72 year old guy whose wife didn't want to put up with the car any longer. So I bought it, at what later turned out to be too high a price, as the car was in bad shape. It had been through a lot of use and abuse and had not been well cared for. If I was to buy it today, I would run away from it as fast as I could. But I was naive and excited at the prospect of owning such a car and really had no knowledge about cars at all. Today, the car looks and drives pretty fine, but it cost a lotta money, time and devotion to get it so far. So sorry, no tales of high schools or cars inherited from relatives...... :-)
  4. Thanks to everybody for the warm welcome! @ Tnfastbk: no issues with the 10s in the rear. The 285 fit without any problems and there is enough room for wider rims and tires. I guess an 11 inch and 300 tires would easily fit. My car has had no mods to the fenders and is lowered by about 1inch. @ mister 4x4: yeah, it's funny how the blacked out corral changes the looks of the car. I tried taking off the horse too and it is then hardly recognizable as a mustang, but then you can see the holes and the base where the logo is supposed to be attached. Not at first sight, but it's there when you take a closer look at it. Not good! [/u]
  5. Hi Abudi, I read your post in the German forum and I followed you here. Thanks for that.
  6. Hey Tnfastbk! I don't believe it.. an ex-neighbour! I was in Spangdahlem for this years car show. Unfortunately it rained so hard we hardly wanted to leave the car and had to hide in the bowling alley..... I know the Patton Memorial, it's about a 5 minute drive from there to where I live! Oh, and the Mexican Restaurant in Bitburg is still the only halfway decent one around here! :-) ::chili:: Ok, as :worthlesswithoutpics:, I'm gonna post some. There is one pic with the old AR Torq Trust in 15 inch, before they were replaced with the 18 inch ones, though.
  7. Aahw, man, I just drooled on my keyboard! Now, that's gotta be the most beautiful 71 Mustang I have ever seen! No kiddin'! ::thumb:: Mike
  8. Hi everyone. My name is Mike, I am 39 years of age. I live in the small country of Luxembourg in the heart of Europe. In addition to my love for all things automotive, I am a guitar player and collector. My Mustang is a 1972 Convertible, built in December 1971. It came from the Dearborn assembly line in Medium Bown Metallic (5H) with white interior and a white Top, power windows, console, Convenience Group, Appearance Protection Group, Magnum 500 Chrome Wheels, Competition Suspension, Metric Speedometer, a 302cui, FMX and a 3.00 Traction-Lok Axle Ratio. When I got her in 2001, she had already been painted red after a few accidents and years of abuse. When I had her restored in 2005, I removed all of the side trim, had the taillight panel and the grille blacked out, installed a 1969 Mach 1 hood scoop and had the body refinished in Corvette Yellow and fitted 15 inch American Racing Torq Thrust wheels. Recently I swapped the 302 for a Ford Racing 351W crate engine and fitted OE Bullet Wheels in 18 inch. (9x18 with 255/45 front and 10x18 with 285/40 in the back). Right now, I'm thinking of getting a NASA hood and giving her the full Mach 1 hockey stripe kit..... we'll see. I'm happy I found this place and I hope to spent some quality time on this forum. At last a place for "grown men's Mustangs":cool: Best regards, Mike
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