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  1. It's fun reading your stories! :-)

    Mine is pretty lame in comparison. I simply found my car in the local classifieds. It was sitting only about a 20 minute drive from where I used to live. It belonged to a 72 year old guy whose wife didn't want to put up with the car any longer. So I bought it, at what later turned out to be too high a price, as the car was in bad shape.

    It had been through a lot of use and abuse and had not been well cared for.

    If I was to buy it today, I would run away from it as fast as I could. But I was naive and excited at the prospect of owning such a car and really had no knowledge about cars at all.

    Today, the car looks and drives pretty fine, but it cost a lotta money, time and devotion to get it so far.

    So sorry, no tales of high schools or cars inherited from relatives......



  2. Thanks to everybody for the warm welcome!

    @ Tnfastbk: no issues with the 10s in the rear. The 285 fit without any problems and there is enough room for wider rims and tires. I guess an 11 inch and 300 tires would easily fit. My car has had no mods to the fenders and is lowered by about 1inch.


    @ mister 4x4: yeah, it's funny how the blacked out corral changes the looks of the car. I tried taking off the horse too and it is then hardly recognizable as a mustang, but then you can see the holes and the base where the logo is supposed to be attached. Not at first sight, but it's there when you take a closer look at it. Not good!


  3. Hey Tnfastbk!

    I don't believe it.. an ex-neighbour! I was in Spangdahlem for this years car show. Unfortunately it rained so hard we hardly wanted to leave the car and had to hide in the bowling alley.....

    I know the Patton Memorial, it's about a 5 minute drive from there to where I live!

    Oh, and the Mexican Restaurant in Bitburg is still the only halfway decent one around here! :-) ::chili::

    Ok, as :worthlesswithoutpics:, I'm gonna post some.

    There is one pic with the old AR Torq Trust in 15 inch, before they were replaced with the 18 inch ones, though.





  4. Hi everyone.

    My name is Mike, I am 39 years of age.

    I live in the small country of Luxembourg in the heart of Europe.

    In addition to my love for all things automotive, I am a guitar player and collector.

    My Mustang is a 1972 Convertible, built in December 1971.

    It came from the Dearborn assembly line in Medium Bown Metallic (5H) with white interior and a white Top, power windows, console, Convenience Group, Appearance Protection Group, Magnum 500 Chrome Wheels,

    Competition Suspension, Metric Speedometer, a 302cui, FMX and a 3.00 Traction-Lok Axle Ratio.

    When I got her in 2001, she had already been painted red after a few accidents and years of abuse.

    When I had her restored in 2005, I removed all of the side trim, had the taillight panel and the grille blacked out, installed a 1969 Mach 1 hood scoop and had the body refinished in Corvette Yellow and fitted 15 inch American Racing Torq Thrust wheels.

    Recently I swapped the 302 for a Ford Racing 351W crate engine and fitted OE Bullet Wheels in 18 inch. (9x18 with 255/45 front and 10x18 with 285/40 in the back).

    Right now, I'm thinking of getting a NASA hood and giving her the full Mach 1 hockey stripe kit..... we'll see.

    I'm happy I found this place and I hope to spent some quality time on this forum.

    At last a place for "grown men's Mustangs":cool:

    Best regards,


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