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  1. i can keep it in position 2 of the stick and it'll shift 1, 2, 3 and only goes into overdrive if I put the lever on "D". I usually keep it on 2 unless I go faster but it will make noises going into overdrive.
  2. Ok, those who know me know that I reaaaally hate my AOD! now there's a new issue (well not that new but getting worse) When in overdrive going at low rpm or shifting into overdrive under acceleration at low rpm (Yeah, it immediately goes into overdrive and doesn't realize I'm accelerating unless I floor it) it makes a grinding noise. Imagine pebbles or coarse gravel going down a metal chute.. Imagine your cruising through town in overdrive and accelerate and you'll hear that "shrrrrrkkk" noise. it also refuses to come out of overdrive until you're almost at the speed of a walking person. And when accelerating in overdrive it will also shortly rev up but not shift down. The whole thing just feels loose and spongy. yes, the TV cable and pressures had all been set up according to specs. My most important question is about the noise though. Could that be a bad torque converter?
  3. The title may not be able to convey what I mean.... 😞 here's the thing: when I click on a thread with. Many replies of which I've read 98%... is there a way to get to the first unread post instead of browsing through all the replies? Or maybe even simply get to the last reply? i think I remember that the first forum software had that feature where you could go to The first unread post By clicking some kind of icon next to it.
  4. That looks gorgeous but imho there's is no way to improve the design of the original. This being said the car above still looks fantastic!
  5. Hallo Sarah und herzlich willkommen aus Luxemburg!! 😀 This is definitely the right place to be if you own one of these Mustangs. I know the German Mustang community quite well and....., well..... there's a reason I'm here. 🙂
  6. If you wanna make it awesome there's only one way to go: YELLOW!, 🤘🏼
  7. That is so cool!!! Can you ask her where she got it done? I'd love to have that as I'm a huge Simpson fan!
  8. I remember that about 10 or 12 years ago the front left Magnum 500 rim on my 72 would come loose all by itself. I would tighten the lugs and the wheel would start vibrating and thumping after a day or two. That issue disappeared just as fast as it had come and I never found out why.
  9. Nope, that wasn’t me. Last thing I wrecked was my marriage.
  10. Did everybody go on vacation? 🙂 i just returned from a one year sabbatical. Glad you're still with us.
  11. Well, that doesn't look half bad, does it?
  12. I love that color combo. Not sure about the clash in between the square front and the rounded corners of the orange although that's what that paint scheme originally looked like.
  13. I really dig the third version in the original post. Never even considered round light as an option. I suck at Photoshop but I'd love to see someone try the tail lights from the 68 Charger.
  14. I'm not saying you shouldn't! 😉
  15. Hi guys. So far the year 2020 has sucked big time but it gets worse: luxstang is back in town!! (Just when you thought it couldn't get worse!) I know you've been enjoying the silence but all things come to an end eventually. 😉 I've been absent for more than a year due to personal stuff happening in my life and waning interest in my Mustang but I'm trying to become an active member again. I'm honored to see that you guys purposely made an all new forum software for my return and I feel humbled and grateful for that. You shouldn't have! 😉
  16. Cool! ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
  17. That looks really sweet but the Euro Shelbys had standard taillights. But I'd take these over the original ones anytime. Can you tell us a little about this? Did you fabricate your own openings or did you use a 1967/68 tail light panel?
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