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  1. 5 hours ago, droptop73 said:

    Hey Mike, just swap it to an NSAOD. (Not So Automatic OD) It NEEDS 3 pedals!

    I've actually thought about getting a 5 speed manual but the main reason I haven't is the availability of parts. I can't find a manual trans (or even an auto one for that matter) easily. I could buy one in the US and have it shipped at high costs plus import taxes or buy from a shop in Europe .... who'd have bought it the US and had it shipped at high costs plus import..... you get the drift. 

    I tell you, that AOD swap was the biggest mistake I've ever made..... I'm only keeping it because of the sunk cost fallacy..... 

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  2. 9 hours ago, JimNiki said:

    Shit Lux, that's not good.

    I know what you mean about the AOD. I only put it into OD manually. (Which is every chance I get!)

    I plays up a bit coming down from OD. Dad had a new 80's ford with the same gearbox, and the manual then said to put it in overdrive when on the freeway, not for daily driving.

    I take it you can't keep it into 2nd gear? (unless you push it back to first?) Prolly not good for the tranny.

    i can keep it in position 2 of the stick and it'll shift 1, 2, 3 and only goes into overdrive if I put the lever on "D". I usually keep it on 2 unless I go faster but it will make noises going into overdrive. 

  3. Ok, those who know me know that I reaaaally hate my AOD! 
    now there's a new issue (well not that new but getting worse) 

    When in overdrive going at low rpm or shifting into overdrive under acceleration at low rpm (Yeah, it immediately goes into overdrive and doesn't realize I'm accelerating unless I floor it) it makes a grinding noise. Imagine pebbles or coarse gravel going down a metal chute.. Imagine your cruising through town in overdrive and accelerate and you'll hear that "shrrrrrkkk" noise.

    it also refuses to come out of overdrive until you're almost at the speed of a walking person. And when accelerating in overdrive it will also shortly rev up but not shift down. The whole thing just feels loose and spongy.

    yes, the TV cable and pressures had all been set up according to specs. 

    My most important question is about the noise though.

    Could that be a bad torque converter? 

  4. The title may not be able to convey what I mean.... 😞 

    here's the thing: when I click on a thread with. Many replies of which I've read 98%... is there a way to get to the first unread post instead of browsing through all the replies? Or maybe even simply get to the last reply? 
    i think I remember that the first forum software had that feature where you could go to The first unread post By clicking some kind of icon next to it. 


  5. Hallo Sarah und herzlich willkommen aus Luxemburg!! 😀

    This is definitely the right place to be if you own one of these Mustangs. I know the German Mustang community quite well and....., well..... there's a reason I'm here. 🙂


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  6. On 6/21/2020 at 1:36 PM, mudbilly said:

    Welcome back Lux................

    If I remember correctly, one of your last posts was of your wrecked stang ?  Did you ever et that fixed, or did I miss that info from back then,


    Nope, that wasn’t me. Last thing I wrecked was my marriage. 

  7. On 6/2/2020 at 1:11 AM, New72 said:

    artflow-202006011908.jpgWhat do you think? I have a few other paint ideas. Bored quarantining in Brooklyn NY

    I love that color combo. Not sure about the clash in between the square front and the rounded corners of the orange although that's what that paint scheme originally looked like. 

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