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  1. Just saw Kimberly's (his daughter) post on Facebook. Having met Eddy a few times I can't tell you how sad I am. He was a great guy, gave me a console clock for free which I never forgot. Rest In Peace my friend.
  2. That is a very accurate depiction of every New Year's Eve I've ever had. :D
  3. ::welcome:: from your neighbor in Luxembourg, Europe!
  4. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
  5. And I just found out that I can post quick replies (just typed this one on my iPad) and private messages. It seems it only doesn’t work with the “full” text box when opening a new thread.
  6. Lowering the center of gravity by lowering suspension. Modern tires (usually means bigger rims) LED dash lights Electronic ignition (get rid of points) Relays for the high beams
  7. I might add that my iPhone and iPad use different releases of iOS. I never update my phone as it always screws something so the software is pretty old. My iPad is quite new so its iOS is the latest version. So the problem is not related to a particular release of iOS.
  8. I can't post text on either my iPhone or my iPad. I type it and when I tap "Post Thread" my text disappears and I get an error message that my text is missing. I don't use Tapatalk (hate it!) but I just use the site "as is". Everything else seems to work fine, I can read posts and treads and even do some moderating stuff etc. This has been going on for e few weeks btw, I just noticed it again when I tried to send some seasons greetings from my iPad yesterday.
  9. Spread some love, appreciate what you got. ;)
  10. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
  11. luxstang


    ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
  12. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe. Man, I loooove pewter Sportsroofs (especially with no stripes)!!
  13. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe! You’ve come to the right place. :)
  14. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
  15. luxstang


    ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe! I love Mopars myself. That’s why I dig the 123 convertibles. They look more like an E body than a Mustang. :)
  16. Nice car!! ::welcome:: from Luxembourg/Europe!
  17. Nope, the one from the FMX does not fit! Here's what I used and it was a perfect fit and very sturdy at that! https://transmissioncenter.net/shop/crossmember-1967-to-1973-mustang-with-aod-transmission/
  18. Yes but not on this device. I’ll look for it in the next days.
  19. Apart from some shortcuts here and there I really dig the look of that car!
  20. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
  21. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe! Nice color.
  22. Yes you can but I wonder if you should. Mine has a flat hood too and I’ve had a round hole cut out above the filter so the air can actually enter through the 1969 Mach1 hood scoop I put on the hood. That of course meant cutting the brace and it held up nicely but every time I look at it I feel bad because I guess that brace was there for a reason. I certainly would not do it if you don’t have a scoop on the hood to cover things up as you may risk seeing waves in the hood afterwards.
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