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  1. I can't post text on either my iPhone or my iPad. 

    I type it and when I tap "Post Thread" my text disappears and I get an error message that my text is missing.

    I don't use Tapatalk (hate it!) but I just use the site "as is". 

    Everything else seems to work fine, I can read posts and treads and even do some moderating stuff etc.

    This has been going on for e few weeks btw, I just noticed it again when I tried to send some seasons greetings from my iPad yesterday.

  2. Yes you can but I wonder if you should.

    Mine has a flat hood too and I’ve had a round hole cut out above the filter so the air can actually enter through the 1969 Mach1 hood scoop I put on the hood.

    That of course meant cutting the brace and it held up nicely but every time I look at it I feel bad because I guess that brace was there for a reason.

    I certainly would not do it if you don’t have a scoop on the hood to cover things up as you may risk seeing waves in the hood afterwards.

  3. MarkB - Car looks fantastic!


    BKDunha - Love the pic of your car in the snow. The white really makes it pop.


    Yup, was just gonna say the same. That green looks great on the snow.

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