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  1. Thanks. Those are actually Magnum 500 original to the car that I converted to fit hub caps and rings. :)
  2. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe! I like the survivor look. Are you gonna leave it that way?
  3. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe! There are a lot of yellow ones turning up lately. Not that I’d mind though..... :)
  4. That’s good news! Take the money and run. ?
  5. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
  6. Yup! Looking forward to some updates too. This is my favorite built besides Angelo’s!
  7. I have 255/60/15 on 7x15 rims on all 4. Works and looks perfectly. Keep in mind that my car sits really low and I don’t have any rubbing issues.
  8. That's great news indeed. Glad you’re doing better and glad you’re back on the forum.
  9. Oh crap! I saw that picture on Facebook and it made me shiver! I'm glad you're ok.
  10. Good news! Thanks for the update.
  11. It could be that people simply remove them. Even with chrome bumpers there are no extra mounting holes as far as I remember. They are installed with tabs that wrap around the edge of the bumper. Mine had them front and rear and I removed them for a cleaner look.
  12. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
  13. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
  14. I think that white (or any other light color) will make your work pop way more. I said it before that although it looks killer in black, the color hides most of your incredible design details. It camouflages scoops, openings, duckts etc. A lighter color will put all these details forward. Way to go! (Although it takes an awfull lot of balls to start again after investing this much work into a flawless paint job!)
  15. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe! That’s a real beauty !!!
  16. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
  17. I’ll stay with the official statement that I don’t have a 59 Les Paul. :)
  18. Wow! One of my dream cars! I'll give you my 72 vert for it! ? I'll even throw in a 1973 Stratocaster if you like...
  19. I agree on the blue one but I kinda dig the yellow one!
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