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  1. Pervert. :D ::devil:: rofl Yup. That would be me. :)
  2. For what it's worth I might add: mine originally had a white top but the well liner is black. I don't know if it's the original one but I'm pretty sure it is....
  3. As stated above you may have to slightly raise the car behind the front wheels and let the shock towers relax a little. I know mine won't come off without that procedure.
  4. I edited it for you although I probably shouldn't have. I only clicked this thread because that typo made me curious as to what to expect. :)
  5. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe! Looks nice!
  6. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe! Pics or it didn’t happen! :)
  7. I’ve only ever seen black ones. Wouldn’t white reflect like crazy in the rear glass? I can imagine that the reflection of a white well liner in the sun would cause the back lite to become almost opaque....
  8. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
  9. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe! Whenever I clean my workbench I only find an old slab of kitchen countertop. :( I must be doing something wrong.
  10. Ah? T’es où là ? ? A oui, Nancy! Just across the border. :)
  11. Wheels are looking sharp. Whatever you don’t lift up the rear. With those modern rims you need to keep a low stance or it makes the wheels look like stagecoach wheels!
  12. Man, I’d kill for one of those! :)
  13. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe! This is by far the best source for 123 Mustang related information so I guess you’ll be well taken care of.
  14. I’ve ordered from Rockauto and I really liked how it went down. Plus they ship faster than their competitors.
  15. Welcome from Luxembourg, Europe. That’s two good choices at once: getting a Mach1 and joining the forum. :D
  16. I like your choice of rims! Those Ramblers look cool. And you thought of lowering the suspension too. That’s the one thing people usually don’t think of. It’s funny that I went back from my 18 inch rims to your current setup with trim rings and dog dishes on 15 inch rims. :)
  17. I made my own. Take a piece of acrylic glass (or whatever you call clear “plastic glass”). Take your lenses and copy their outline onto the plastic. Cut out the shapes. Then use an orbital sander to scuff them up so they’ll be opaque. Copy the mounting holes and screw them on using the rubber seal behind them. This is not the best picture. It’s the only one I gave on my phone right now but you can see what they look like.
  18. Cool! 69-70 fastbacks are my favorite Mustang body shape!!
  19. ::welcome:: from Luxembourg, Europe!
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