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  1. One question I have always had on the well liner was colors available. I think they were either black or white depending on the top color but do not know that for sure.

    If yours is missing you need the two steel rods that are attached with springs in the trunk to give the well liner structure. There was also two felt pads on top of the inner wheel house to help protect the top from scuffing.

    The well liner is held behind the rear seat back with a stainless trim piece that also holds the front of the top boot when installed. The back and sides of the well liner are held in place with the big headed phillips screws into the tack strips for the roof.



    I’ve only ever seen black ones. Wouldn’t white reflect like crazy in the rear glass? I can imagine that the reflection of a white well liner in the sun would cause the back lite to become almost opaque....

  2. I made my own. Take a piece of acrylic glass (or whatever you call clear “plastic glass”). 


    Take your lenses and copy their outline onto the plastic. Cut out the shapes. Then use an orbital sander to scuff them up so they’ll be opaque. Copy the mounting holes and screw them on using the rubber seal behind them. 

    This is not the best picture. It’s the only one I gave on my phone right now but you can see what they look like.


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