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  1. I have power windows in my car...I think a couple of them still have the clips. If I can get them out without breaking them, I can get them to you as long as I get them back. And will buy replacements depending on price. Let me know.
  2. Well, in that case....Where's the Mustang Dude voting contest?? Fair is fair!
  3. Ok..being a chick...I gotta say it... Seriously?? Wow, and I thought I roamed these pages with intelligent life forms!
  4. There is a large estate sale in Martinsburg, WV, this Saturday. The man restored Mustangs, mostly mid-60's. Cars and parts. I will attach a copy of the ad.
  5. The "street racing" drags we have take place either at the local track or on airport runways. The FAA shut down all but 1 airport for that use a few years ago, though, so now we have to wait until the track has an event. The airport (Waynesburg,Pa) usually gets 150-200 cars.
  6. Around here, they have what is called "Flashlight Drags", which is like street racing. Just 2 guys/gals going head to head for 1/8 mile for fun. Then the local track (a little farther) has "street night", 1/4 mile in your street car. Just weekend fun. Enough for me (for now!) and doesn't do any damage to the car. OR me.
  7. Went to the races this weekend and ran 4 or 5 times, plus did a long slow parade lap and drove there and home. By the time I got back home, I could smell the acid in the battery, and it was super hot when I shut it down and felt it. Everything is new...battery, alternator, regulator and wiring. Any ideas? Any better systems? Thanks!
  8. I am sticking with the oe manifolds for my 429. Besides the price of headers, I still want to be able to remove/replace plugs easily (well, more easy than with headers!) Right now it isn't that bad, unless you have hands like an ape.
  9. When you get it ready, come out to the Flashlight drags and we can go nose to nose!
  10. Having been in the automotive service industry for 30+ years, and having worked for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., I can confirm that your alignment hasn't changed with just a steering box change.
  11. Thanks, cj! Nice to know another chick is around! Wish I had one closer to hang out with!
  12. Wow, everyone here is amazingly talented and well-employed! Me, I trained as a mechanic, and worked all of my life in the automotive field. Not always easy, a female in a man's world but most of it has been fun. Now, I work about 30 hours a week for my local NAPA store, because I also take care of my elderly parents and the house and yard. Also because of major back surgery 18 months ago, I have to watch how long I am on my feet. But lots of time to play with the car!
  13. I installed the Edelbrock 750 that I found last weekend (very clean, for $180!), and man, what a huge difference from that old 4300 (although I did have that one professionally rebuilt). Now this 429 gets up off her ass and MOVES! Flashlight Drags is on the 16th...I think I will do a LOT better this time!
  14. Hi! Yea, another owner who bucked the system and went with a better color! But,sorry, like the saying goes, "There's no replacement for displacement!" In other words, bigger is better, and I will keep my 429, thank you very much!
  15. In my early years building cars (a Mopar), I couldn't figure out why the car wouldn't even crank. Then discovered the ground strap from the block to the firewall was broken. Yep, ya gotta have that!
  16. Aw, got my ass handed to me by a late model Jag, but that was with the factory carb. I just got an Edelbrock 750...gonna install this weekend and try again on the 16th.
  17. Me and Mustang in our first drag race!
  18. Having a car with a title that is in the previous owner's name is called an "open" title. And it is a felony. Ask me how I know!
  19. Someone on here had some for sale cheap in TX.
  20. My understanding has always been that the facrtory didn't install gaskets because of the (supposed) pefect mating surfaces. After that, though, you install gaskets. They are available. $11.69 here at NAPA.
  21. I feel your pain. I sent my 26 yr old daughter to JAPAN for 3 WEEKS! And they had a typhoon, and the Malaysian plane crash the day before she flew back. Talk about nervous.
  22. My late boyfriend and I were coming back from Chryslers at Carlisle (he was the Mopar king, with 43 cars in his possession when he died). We were staying at my sisters house in WV, and before leaving for home, we stopped for breakfast. They have a little newspaper there with local ads, and I was looking through it while waiting for breakfast to be served. I saw an ad for a 71 Mustang 429 $4500. I didn't hesitate to call! I remembered a yellow Mach 1 from when I was a kid and I always loved it. The car was about an hour south (home was 4 hours NORTH!) down around Winchester, Va. We drove down, back into the woods, and here is this big house, with about 6 old cars in various states of repair. The Mustang was exactly what I had always wanted: an M code, AC, power windows, rear defroster. It needed some work but we made a deal for $4000, and also bought one of his other vehicles, a couple of engines and such. We drove back down with the trailer several weeks later. Six months later, he passed away, and his family gave me the car and all the parts we had bought for it. I finished restoring it, and now his photo rides shotgun!
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