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  1. Today, I got the cowl finished up. It was a rusted out mess, as they tend to get over the years. I got it cut out and the new one drilled and prepped for installation. I am going to have aftermarket AC, so both cowl vents will be blocked off, so removed them and welded the openings closed. I used a piece of 18 g steel and plug welded it underneath, and then finished with a solid weld bead around the inner edge. After grinding down the weld, I covered it with a couple thin layers of short strand fiberglass body filler to seal any pinholes that might be present, and t
  2. Thanks David, I hope you heal quickly and get back to full speed soon.
  3. Well, here are some we pictures of the engine compartment with the repaired frame rail, replacement inner aprons, core support, and crossmembers.
  4. Well, it's been a couple months since I've posted an update on the Rickster, but I've been working on it fairly regularly. I repaired the front left frame rail that was damaged with the bumper bracket mounting hole torn out. I've also gotten the engine crossmember replaced, as well as the front crossmember. I also replaced the core support, left and right front inner fenders, left rear inner fender, and just finished replacing the cowl. I'll post up some pictures in the next few days. Now I am working on the drivers side floor pan which needs to be replaed. All the fiberglass holding the
  5. Hey Bentworker, That sounds good. Please PM me and let me know how we can settle up, and I can get you my shipping address. Ron
  6. I've got another lead on the splash shields, but the spindles I definitely need. If you can check with your buddy with the front spindles that woule be much appreciated.
  7. I'm looking for left front and right rear splash shields, and front spindles for a front disc brake car, if you've got them and can spare them.
  8. Thanks, David. I'll double check the radius rod mounting points to make sure they are okay. Other than the tears in that dimple on the front, that crossmember seems to be okay - so far. I'll let you know if I need to replace it, though. Thanks for the offer. The walls of the shop you see in the pictures are the interior liner panels, with fiberglass insulation behind it. To be honest, it stays pretty comfortable in there.
  9. Well, it's been a few years, and the Rustang has been just sitting in the barn. I finally got my car barn done - well, mostly done. I still have to install the ceiling fans, but its very useable. I retired last month, and a few weeks later, I lost my brother to Covid, so I renamed the Mach 1, the Rickster, and will complete it as a memorial for him. I started on the front, and pulled the core support, and front right inner fender that the battery had rotted out. When pulling the core support, I found the left front inner fender was also bent up and needed to be replaced. I found th
  10. David, I'm so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
  11. I have nothing but good things to say about the service I have received from Summit Racing, as well. They are top drawer, in my opinion.
  12. David, I am sorry to hear about your back troubles. I hope you can get some relief from the pain. Thoughts and prayers. Ron
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