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  1. Welcome from NE Tennessee. Nice project you've got there. Keep at it - you'll get it done.
  2. Thanks, Bentworker, Mike, jscott. Since this is a 73 Mach 1, I think I'll weld them up. The car has the fasten seat belt light on the passenger dash, and not be a convertible, the top up/down switch isn't needed. Looking at them more, they are not lined up, not round, and not needed, so away they will go. Thanks again for your help.
  3. I was thinking of that last night when I posted my query, but didn't have a picture handy. I went out this morning and took a picture. It looks like those holes were gnawed into the dash by a previous owner. I guess I could use one for something like "pass. ejection seat" button, but I am thinking closing them up may be the way to go. What do you think?
  4. With the Rickster at the paint shop, I've been working on getting parts ready to install when I get it back. I've got the dash panel cleaned up and primed, but have a question. To the left of the headlight switch there are 3 small holes that appear to be for switches or warning lights. Any idea what they may be for? I've checked several pictures and YouTube videos and those 71-73 Mustangs didn't have those holes. Sooo, should I weld them closed, clean it up and reprime? I would sure like to know your thoughts. Thanks
  5. I concur with midlife. I know my wife's Ford Escape is classified as a truck.
  6. Exciting day today. The Rickster was rolled outside on its own wheels. It's the first time in 7 yrs that this car has been on it's own wheels. Without the engine, the front end sits a bit high, but it sure felt good to see it rolling on it's own, again. All this was in preparation for being picked up by the paint shop. This afternoon, they came by and picked up the Rickster, and it's now at the paint shop. I've still got to get the front and rear valances stripped, as well as the rock guard and front bumper. I'll take them to the paint shop later this week, along with the
  7. Maybe someone forgot the cotter key whey put the rotor on, and the wheel came off with the rotor. Regardless, whoever it was, they defintitely had a bad day.
  8. Today, I got a call I had expected, but was hoping wouldn't be quite so soon. At the same time, I was hoping it would be soon. The paint shop called and said they wanted to pick up the Rickster on Friday or Saturday. I've got some things to finish up before it goes to the paint shop, and some things I'll have to let the paint shop finish. I did get the steering linkage bolted together, torqued, and pinned, so that is ready to go. I'll install the rear axles tomorrow, and will be able to get the rear wheels on it, and it will finally be a roller, for the first time in 7 years. WooHoo
  9. Hey Fabrice, Once you pull the old pitman arm, you will probably find a flat. That will allow you to index the pitman arm in one of four directions. The correct direction should be obvious at that point. Removing the pitman arm may difficult and require some persuasion with the "hot wrench". Good luck.
  10. Thanks, Tim and Turtle. Yes, Turtle and c9zx. I have been a fan of Tekton tools for a while and probably more than half of my ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, etc are Tekton. The price is competitive, tools are good quality, and warranty is unequaled.
  11. Today, I installed the new steering box and steering linkage. The steering box was rebuilt by Red Head Steering Gears. Can you tell? I still need to tighten up the nut on the pitman arm, and torque everything. I ordered a 1-5/16 socket from Tekton.com, this afternoon. They make good stuff and shipping is super fast. I got shipping confirmation about 30 minutes after I placed my order. The socket will be here Wednesday, so I can finish the pitman arm tightening then, but I'll have the rest of the steering linkage ready to go by then.
  12. Thanks, guys. I'll try to be more diligent in taking pictures and posting more often. :-)
  13. I know you were dying to see pictures of the underside and engine bay, so I took some pictures for you. I had gotten the leaf springs painted the same Chassis satin black, and got them installed next. I also cleaned up painted the axle tube and got it positioned on top of the leaf springs. I was cleaning up the passenger side shock mounting plate and found that it had been repaired with some welds of unknown quality. I've got Don at OMS on the case getting a replacement. I also got the upper and lower control arms installed and also the strut rods and front s
  14. Thanks, Don. So I need 4 of those gaskets, 2 per side? I have replaced the seals inboard of the bearing inside the axle. David, I am replacing the bearings. I have new Timken bearings to press on both rear axles. In the meantime, I can finish dressing and loading up the backing plates. so I can just bolt them up once I have the gaskets. Thanks to you both for the replies and the help. Ron
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