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  1. Thanks a lot Manu I really appreciate your support You are a great bunch
  2. I would like but I should have to pay a lot for the shipping and the custom duties and since I will move to Los Angeles in few month to open my small cafeteria I've already spent lots of money I hope to find a Stang there The strange things is that noone of the mechanic here in Italy ( me too ) didn't realize that the engine was blown for the lack of oil and when I started to hear the grindig noise it was too late I'm very sad, cuz I spent years with my Stang I've worked so hard to pay it with a loan that I have to finish to pay and now this bad surprise
  3. Thanks Paul Unfortunately today we check the engine with a good mechanic and he confirmed me that the engine was gone because all the bearings and the crankshaft worked without lubrication. I don't know how it happened because I've always checked the oil level of the engine but this is the situation Now here in Italy they are offering me between 11K AND 14 USD and I have to decide what I'm gonna do since here it's impossible to find a new 351 Cleveland engine I'm very,very sad This Stang it's really cursed :(
  4. Hello again My mechanic asked me about the tightening of the cam bearings of my 351 Cleveland engine 2V H code He told me that I would need to know those values to tight the cam bearings with a dinamometric wrench Can you help me please ? Thanks Dallas
  5. Thanks a lot He asked me some values and I will give the 8 degrees I hope to have my Stang running my biggest fear is that the engine was blown for the reason that I don't know if I drove the car without the oil pump working at all I will keep you updated Ciao Fran
  6. Hello Could you please tell me how to properly set the timing advance on my 1971 Stang with 351 Cleveland engine 2V H code ? My mechanic that has to install oil pump and distributor, asked me those info Does he need some values ? Thanks in advance Dallas
  7. Wow ! Do you know Italian language ? Cool But for me it would be better english, since I have to improve it because within this year, I will move to live and work in Los Angeles, California, where a will open a small deli Italian shop I hope not to go in bankrupcy after a week ;) Fran, Questo è meraviglioso. Spero che funziona meglio di quanto non sia mai! Cordiali saluti, Paul
  8. Ciao Paul Finally I've found a guy here that is a mechanic at the Alfa Romeo dealer ner my house and he was very kind and told me to bring my Stang to his garage and he will replace the new oil pump and adjust the distributor with electronic tools The matter about bearings and camshaft was just my idea because I have to order the oil pan gaskets and since I will pat the gaskets 12 USD and the shipping 50 USD I was thinking to optimize the shipping cost and maybe order also bearings and camshaft but I think that I will follow your advice and I will order just the oil pan gaskets I will keep you updated Thanks again Fran
  9. In this case it would be stronzo in italian ( turd I hope not to be banned ) not culo. Culo is butt and idiota idiot In any case I dunno exactly ( till I will install the new oil pump ) if the damage the dumb ass italian mechanic caused caused would need also to get new bearings and camshaft I hope not
  10. Thanks a lot I'm just fixing the engine because a dumb ass ( sorry for my language ) italian mechanic changed me the distributor and I dunno why he didn't engaged well the oil pump shaft and suddently I started to hear a grinding noise I took of the oil pan and I realized that the oil pump shaft was consumed in the middle I didn't drive the car of course but now I'd like to order the bearing sets and the camshaft just in case that they would be broken or worn but I don't want incrase the power, just jave the original ones Thanks
  11. Hello everyone I have to order the bearings set and the camshaft for my 351 Cleveland engine H code 2V installed on my 1971 Stang with FMX automatc Turn O Matic transmission Since I'm from Italy and I have to order in the USA the seller ( Summit ), told me that it's not enough provide the engine detail 351 Cleveland H code 2V Could you please help me to send more info to the seller to find the appropriate bearigs an camshaft ? Thanks Dallas
  12. Hello my frieds Here the pix of my oil pan that I'm cleaning from the rust with sand paper and elbow grease http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx252/BlueGhost1972/ReggionellEmilia-20140411-00535.jpg http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx252/BlueGhost1972/ReggionellEmilia-20140411-00536.jpg http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx252/BlueGhost1972/ReggionellEmilia-20140411-00537.jpg http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx252/BlueGhost1972/ReggionellEmilia-20140411-00538.jpg
  13. Yes you are right I've just relized what you are talking about I will order in the US the 4 pieces set and the silicone too Could you please tell me a suitable silicone to use ? Do I have to apply on both oil pan and engine block or just on the oil pan then put the gaskets ( I mean the silicon layer under the gaskets than install the oil an ) ? Thanx Dallas
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