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  1. Weighted my mustang today, no engine, no trans, no seats/carpet, no hood, no bumpers, tank. 839kg
  2. Here in Finland it makes no difference, its easier to get parts to european cars than american. And this was lot cheaper to me too... Just have to be creative :D
  3. Something different... I had drums also, but I made caliper brackets myself, used aluminium Skyline 4piston calipers and Mercedes rotors. Rotors are 300mm x 28mm. Also added power brake master cylinder. Modified pedal too.
  4. What tire size? 1971 M-code Mach 1 255/60r15
  5. Same here in Finland. But everything under 22€ is tax free...
  6. Now I like how rear wheels fit, rim is 10x15". Added also 30mm lowering blocks.
  7. Wetsanded and buffed....like nobody cares... :whistling:
  8. New shocks and suspension assembled, back on wheels.
  9. Mustang got disc brakes... 12" rotors and 4-pot aluminium calibers.
  10. Bought new front wheels, 8.5x15....tire is 215/65r15.
  11. all Moog parts to front from rock auto, every part made in taiwan or china!
  12. Fixed old crash damages and change the deck lid and corner piece.
  13. Next picture is not for faint hearted! Upgrading my brakes, drum to disc. Calibers are from Skyline and discs are Mercedes. Please forgive me, this is just a budget issue...:shootself:
  14. Got my fmx back from my neighbour who rebuilt it. Some paint and ready for assembly. Waiting crank rear seal from rock auto...
  15. here is 28x12.5" with 10" wheel. Flares are rolled though...
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