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  1. Although, using seam sealer on a lap joint weld would prevent rust causing moisture.
  2. We seem to be the minority. I was surprised to learn that many if not most 1,2,3 fans are actually not fans of their taillights.
  3. I wont put the currently available aftermarket louvers on my car. They look too cheap. But I NEED to get a set of these.
  4. I dig where it's going. My only input would be to increase the radius of the pinstripe tape to match the radius of the center square.
  5. Impressive. I like where your head is. The '69 dash is my favorite too. I used the dustless blasting too and despite what I was told, it flashed by morning. You wouldn't be in the Detroit area would you?
  6. My hinges were in good shape but the bushings needed replacement. instead of the regular cheap and simple rebuild kit I spent the big bucks, $72, on "Mustang Steve's" upgrade kit that is particularly good for those hinges with rounded out holes. The kit is robust with much bigger bushings that are enclosed and lubricated with a zert. I will never have any loose issues.
  7. I bought some additional braces for the roof having read a post here about how soft the roof can be, particularly when sanding out filler. Note that the factory braces only fit well in it's original location because the roof is more narrow to the front and wider in the back. The rear had to be shaped some. The front actually fit perfectly when I tacked it in above the roof rail instead of under. It's the best fitting of the three. I now have a most rigid roof. Cribbing is required to get them tight. I learned the hard way. I had to cut it out and re-weld.
  8. I haven't updated this build in a year but there has been progress. I've been frequenting the Facebook page with some updates. I have installed a free floating three link axle with watts link from Street or Track. The truck and tail panel steel has been replaced. The three link requires a hole to be cut. Street or Track's 1970 pan doesn't fit so I fabricated my own. For those that have tried to fit big tires, you know that the front of the inner wheel wells are shallow on the classic Mustangs. I learned of a modification of cutting it open and welding in a panel to maximize the space without tubbing.
  9. Yes, Melodies and Memories the day after the Dream Cruise. I never miss it.
  10. I too live in the Detroit area, Roseville. I hope to see your car at a show next year sometime.
  11. But the '69 Mach 1 had a black out hood without painted rockers, Scott. And it looks fantastic. Painting the rocker panels tends to give a slimmer appearance if that is something you would like. I find your car refreshing without them. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  12. I don't believe the MII is the worst driving at all. It was superior to the Previous Mustangs. There are still at least a half of a dozen different Manufacturers building MII kits for various cars today, even non-Fords. I have installed this kit one my '73 but I will be of no use to claim its attributes. I haven't driven the car yet as it is still being built. Plus, I bought it as a roller so I have no reference to how it drove before. I can't say how it compares to other current front suspension kits but I feel certain that it will be better than stock. On a side note, Cutting out the big shock towers allows for Modular engine swaps. What about rear suspension? Currently, my car is at Street or Track getting their '67-'70 kit installed as a test subject. With just a few tweaks, it fits. Now I have to wait for my 9" floating axle.
  13. What about the idea of fabricating a piece of steel to fill the gap and entirely welding it in? Was it originally designed to be a flexible point? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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