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  1. I tried to buy a new one at Autozone but of course they aren't available. Nor did they offer any services.
  2. Is that the name, "National Auto Parts"? I don't have any of those around here.
  3. Do you have a thread in the individual project and build section? I would like to follow yours. Impressive.
  4. RockAuto reports there are none available but the price is right. The Cardone website lists it but I find no way to purchase it there: http://www.cardone.com/Products/Product-Detail?productId=50-3401&make=Ford&model=Mustang&year=1973&info=w%2fDisc+Brakes%3a%3a%3a
  5. Thanks everyone. It seems that I may have to modify a set if only a little. I would have preferred full length headers but I can settle.
  6. I have found some headers like these on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HEDMAN-88666-351-Windsor-W-CERAMIC-HTC-HEADERS-MUSTANG-TORINO-CYCLONE-1969-1973/161246580386?_trksid=p1.m2286&_trkparms=aid%3D111000%26algo%3DREC.CURRENT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D155%26meid%3D5627049456373573222%26pid%3D100069%26prg%3D1087%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D161246580386%26%26clkid%3D5627053797116411413&_qi=RTM1327406 They report to only fit Mustangs up to 1970. Does anyone know in what capacity that they will not fit our cars? Is it certain that they wouldn't? I thought our cars had more engine space than any classic Mustang.
  7. MechEng, I thought that I got the correct thermostat. By any chance do you have a correct part number so that I can make sure? I believe that I got mine from NAPA but I don't remember the part number offhand. thx -jbojo Over the counter thermo's are not going to do the job..here's what you need order direct from flow kooler..you can see the difference in the 2nd pic which is a thermo that the parts houses give you for a 351C I bought one like that at the local auto parts store. I think it was Mr. Gasket. It rates at 165 degrees and then declared that it wasn't for street use. I have no idea why that would matter. I used it anyway but the car ended up having a head gasket issue so it didn't solve my problem in that case.
  8. I just did some internet searching and found this information on anther mustang forum: http://www.allfordmustangs.com/forums/classic-tech/257759-h-i-d-headlights-67-mustang-pics-inside.html You can put your own kit together with a noteworthy savings. I ordered my parts today.
  9. I like the car from the outside. I prefer the original interior, classic over modern, but at least he has airbags now.
  10. I take it that is a custom cut supper bracket? I like.
  11. I hear you man. I think that I will be getting a professional to go through it for me as I am not sure what I am looking for apart from the torque specifications that I could look up. I still haven't gotten to pulling a head and looking up some numbers. I am putting a King Cobra engine in my wife's 77 Cobra to get her on the road first. I did score a list of 1995 Cobra R specific parts list with diagrams and numbers with witch to reference, so when I get to it I'll have the information that I need. I still want to find what Cobra R owners have for casting dates on their blocks. I suppose that none of them actually lay eyes on them though. The location is hard to get to.
  12. I'm just beginning to enter the world of EFI for my street rod. I find all these details overwhelming. Now I am concerned about my hood clearance among other things . Thanks for the thread. I'll be watching.
  13. I am number 7 on the list. My report can be found here: http://www.7173mustangs.com/xthreads_attach.php/2754_1386449787_1a1b20bb/65386fbc13ab00a689b602619a217483/3F05Q252604_dlxrpt.pdf I have the Pinto seat backs with smooth "Black Seabring knit" and Mach 1 gray inserts.
  14. It seems that Cervini's makes a version: http://www.cjponyparts.com/cart.aspx
  15. Except that my "street version" will be far from conventional. From those pictures it would seem that there is no contest that the spoiler in question is indeed a 2000 Cobra R. That suits me since the power plant I'm using is also a Cobra R, clone or otherwise. Thank you gentlemen.
  16. http://www.darkhorseracing.net/aix_71_mustang.htm Most of the pictures that I find of the car, it sports a conventional spoiler. I want to know what it is and see better pictures of it.
  17. I would like to catch a couple of profiles but at this point I think I prefer the taller. I'll just have to deal with the anal retentive when it's pointed out. But there will be a few other things that will get them going anyway. I'd also like to find out more about that race car that I posted.
  18. I know my front to my back and prefer it the proper way. Hilarious. I actually considered this contingency then admonished myself for caring what the Joneses think. But I actually do care about the opinion of our collective body here. At least a little. hyena429, Thanks for the pictures, they help. I think that I need some side by side comparisons to form a better opinion.
  19. I will go on record saying my seat backs are open bottom pinto, black. 6-14-1973
  20. I bought an original spoiler at a swap recently. Afterwards, I noticed that the pedestals were bent so it seems that I will have to replace them. I have been wondering what our car might look like with the taller 69/70 spoiler pedestals instead of the stock shorties. Has anyone done or seen this? Then I found this picture: I don't know what it is but I like it. It reminds me of a Lamborgini.
  21. Curious, what other oddities have you encountered? I've only had my car for a few months and I got it without a drive train so it will be a while before I can drive it. I'm still learning it's charactor.
  22. Welcome, to both the forum and the rare halfass seat option club. It looks like there are officially eight of us now.
  23. I asked Marti this same question about the weights: "On a similar note, why is the GVWR 23 pounds less that the sum of the front and rear? I saw another door tag and although the number were different, they were still off by 23." The response: "Mr. Drum, Those weights were estimated weights based on design studies. They did not actually weigh every vehicle. The differences would be due to rounding errors." This doesn't explain why the weights are both 23 pounds different. Are they all off by 23 or is it a coincidence?
  24. Yes, Don61 was out there by himself early on with the next recorded incident 17 day later. Now I've joined him only three days later. I would rather have the Comfortweave but now I am a member of an elite group. I wonder if there is a way to organize the Marti Report thread in chronological order of car manufacture. We might be able to find more of us that haven't viewed this thread without having to go through so many pages searching.
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